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The Brightest Stars Of The ’80s – Where Are They Today?

Where have all the ‘80s stars gone? You must often think of your favorite TV and Hollywood celebs from back in the day or just catch yourself remembering well-known TV characters and asking “Have they gone missing?” Well, wonder no more as we now list 45 of our favorite ‘80s stars and show you what they’ve been up to these days. While some of them have been facing financial issues, experienced slip and fall, or had to visit drug and alcohol rehab centers, others continued shining as bright (and rich) as ever. So sit back, read on, and see what we’ve got in store.


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Denise Austin – Keeping it real on Social Media

If you grew up in the ’80s, then you are certainly familiar with Denise Austin’s VHFs on how to create the ultimate body. ‘America’s Fitness Sweetheart,’ as she was widely known, is still active while being as gorgeous as ever! Knowing that the VHF and DVD era is done and dusted, Denise stepped up her game by promoting her fitness business on Social Media and she seems to have no interest yet in making any retirement plans!


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