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Refinancing Mortgage Application Rates Hit It’s Lowest In Almost Two Decades

Mortgage applications continue to weaken as the rates go up once more. This has been affecting the affordability as well as the constricting buying power in the market. Experts can’t really tell whether this is what affected the lowest refinance application level the United States has ever seen.

However, some experts believe that this may be due to the lack of knowledge of some who don’t know how refinancing their mortgage works. With the global economy becoming rocky most especially with the US-China trade wars, the mortgage rates continue to rise and more and more borrowers are becoming even more intimidated to refinance their mortgages despite the economy doing well.

Understanding Mortgage Refinance

Refinance your mortgage seems as if it is such a complicated thing to do, but it usually works for your own benefit. How it works is when you apply for a new mortgage loan, the new one will then have to be the one to pay for the old mortgage loan, while you will be the one to pay for the new loan. What is great about this is that the loan can be customized for your own benefit or liking, it usually includes the rate as well as the years and of course the amount you borrowed.

Some people turn to refinance in order for their monthly mortgage to be reduced. Keep in mind that mortgage loans are available in banks, credit unions, and even in online lenders. Every single year, hundreds of billion worth mortgage loans are given. Some people often have a dilemma whether they should refinance or not, there are actually some signs that you must look into if you’re thinking of refinancing.

Experts believe that refinancing while the interest rates are down is a good idea especially if you purchased a home that is much higher than they are now, it could save you tons of money. Another reason to consider when you to refinance is when your income, as well as your credit score, goes higher.

What you need to remember is that refinancing requires approval from the lenders, hence you need to file for an application. They need to figure out if your income and credit score are on good levels if it is then you’ll most likely get approved. Usually, it’s based on how exactly you were able to handle your previous loans or the current ones. In order to protect themselves, they must know that you have enough money coming in your pocket so that they will have the reassurance that you’ll be able to pay them.

This could definitely lead to better interest rates. Before you apply to refinance your mortgage however it is best to both research more about what kind of mortgages there is and also talks to your lender about your situation and how you want things to go. There are three types of mortgage refinance that you can choose from but keep in mind that at the end of the day you must choose the one that would work best for you.

Refinance Applications Hits Lowest Level

For the year first time in almost two decades, the number of Americans filing for refinancing their mortgages hits its lowest. Experts believe that the rising interest rates are to blame since borrowers wouldn’t want to get into it if its that high.

Based on a survey conducted by the Mortgage Bankers Association, the refinance index that they have had reached 5 percent. This is said to be the lowest level it has reached since December 2000. This is only from the average contract interest rate for the 30-year fixed-rate mortgages and the loan usually cost about $453,100.

The refinance volume is reported to be 40 percent lower than it was about a year ago. With the total applications decreasing over 38 percent, MBA economist Joel Kan said in a statement that the decline of the treasury rates continues and the investors are getting concerned because of the global economic growth.

This has the affected the mortgage rates entirely. The 15-year fixed-rate has been affected as well, but the six-week straight increase affected the 30-year fixed-rate the most. This is something that no one can actually control so lenders just continue to hope that with the next fiscal quarter for the next year will affect the rates in a positive way.

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