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This Is What Your Health Insurance Provider May Not Be Telling You

Some people know exactly how important it is to have health insurance, but there are still millions of people in the United States who doesn’t have one. According to the most recent Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index, there is about 12 percent of adults in the United States who doesn’t have any health insurance which is about 3.12 million.

When Obamacare was implemented, it was the very first time that most Americans were actually required to have their own health insurance, but everything changed when Trump took over. Approximately 13 million Americans are uninsured because of it and a total of 50 million doesn’t have any form of health insurance.

This doesn’t change the fact that everyone must have health insurance since it could literally help you and your family. There are still some people who don’t understand how it fully works, so here are a couple of things you need to know about it as well as things that you didn’t expect to be a part do it.

It was in the late 1920s when the first health insurance program was offered but individual hospitals have offered pre-paid services for patients even before the insurance program began.

The significance of Health Insurance

Almost everyone knows that health insurance helps protects people from unexpected medical costs especially when they get severely ill or get into an accident. This doesn’t mean that you will no longer pay for anything, this just means that you wouldn’t need to pay for so much because health insurance can cut off a part of the amount. Health insurance also gives you free preventive care such as getting free vaccines, screenings, and ever checkups.

Keep in mind that there are good and bad health insurances and those who seem to be ridiculously cheap are the bad ones since it is absolutely worth it if you get a decent one. Health has got to be the most important thing that you must focus on, that is because life is absolutely unpredictable and you may not know what might happen later tomorrow, the next day, and you won’t even know if you will still be alive in the next 10 years. That is why making sure that your health is protected must be one of your priorities.

According to research, Americans who don’t have any health insurance are most likely to get into debt than those who have one. That is because medication and hospital bills can totally empty your bank account. It even depends on the hospital and the kind of case you are in.

Check-ups, as well as drugs, will also be very expensive so you will most likely suffer in the long run. The stress that it will cost you may even lead to other mental health problems that can affect your body even more and you might end up needing even more medical services.

Keep in mind that you must always prioritize your health by making sure that your health insurance will benefit you. There are some cases that people choose the wrong health insurance. There are even some who are totally unhappy with the plan that they got, while the others simply hate their doctors or the hospital itself because of the service they provide. However, remember that having no insurance is the worst thing of all and if you have a problem with yours then you better sort it out.

Medical bill and health insurance form with calculator

Health Insurance Around The World

Those are just the most common things that most people probably already know, but there are still some things that you may not know, especially some rules, policies, about healthcare and insurance in different countries around the world. Just like the German health insurance, wherein you wouldn’t just have the usual benefits and discounts, Germans are also offered free spa days.

That is because Germans turn out to treat stress very seriously since they know how it can massively affect the overall health and performance of a person, which is why those who are diagnosed with stress are usually prescribed with a week off so they can enjoy the spa and have some relaxation.

Another fact is that India actually offers cashless facilities all over the world. Back in the day, it was said that it’s impossible for insurance companies from India to cover someone who is seeking treatment overseas, but things have definitely changed for the better.

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