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Out of Work During Lockdown? Here are a Few Tips to Reinvent Your Career

With the emergence of COVID-19, many public and private sectors have resorted to working from home. Some industries like aviation have been the most hit as several countries have had to ban non-essential flights. Such areas have been laying-off their workers in huge numbers. In all likelihood, the post-Coronavirus era will require more skills from people, with every other average worker getting rejected for a more capable one.


Pexels | Millions of people have been fired during COVID-19

So, if you’ve found yourself out of work during COVID-19, instead of feeling low, it’s advisable to utilize this time to empower yourself with more skills and networking. Doing so will help you stay on top of any and every opportunity out there. Here are a few tips to help:

Set Realistic goals

For you to upgrade yourself during this period, you must first define clear goals. And not just any goals; make sure they’re realistic and achievable. Most people want to use the lockdown for something productive, but they often do it the wrong way. Be different. Set targets for yourself; only when you set them can you work towards them. You can use your calendar application or to-do list to set your goals. Don’t forget that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

Find your shortcomings

It may seem challenging to find fault within yourself, but this could be the best thing and time for you to do so. If you’ve been laid-off recently, instead of placing the blame on the pandemic, try to understand what the difference is between you and your colleague who’s still in the company. Be practical, and try to find the gaps in your skill-set that can be improved.


Pixabay | Improve on your shortcomings

Learn something new

Now that you’re at home, you have more free time. Instead of spending it frivolously, use your time judiciously. Explore the Internet and find the skills that are relevant to your career. You can even learn something different from your field.

There are several online educational platforms like Alison, Udemy, Coursera, and more offering free courses. You can learn a language or pick up a talent like writing, video editing, or anything else. You can also learn how to code, paint, or even develop an interest in photography.

Stay online and network

The world is a global village, thanks to the Internet. In some countries, not everybody is allowed to move around. But that doesn’t have to restrict you from keeping up with friends, ex-bosses, or employees. Check up on them, surprise them with calls. This may look awkward, but trust us, it will only help you develop better communication and networking skills. Attend webinars and video calls. You can even browse platforms like LinkedIn for remote working job opportunities.


Pexels | Improve your connections and networking

Final words

We hope our handy tips will help your career in this lockdown. If you do find yourself in a good spot a few months down the line, don’t hesitate to help out others like you.

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