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Brad Pitt’s Plan B Production Sold to Mediawan

In a world where the global economy is uncertain, one industry remains steadfast and prosperous—the celebrity-entertainment industrial complex. A new trend is emerging as renowned stars who have already basked in the limelight on screen are now securing their legacy and generational wealth through their endeavors behind the camera.

The latest exciting development in this trend comes from Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment, which has recently made headlines with its sale to the French media conglomerate Mediawan.

Plan B Joins the Ranks

Thelist/ Instagram | Brad Pitt is not bidding farewell to the silver screen just yet; he will likely continue acting

Mediawan has officially acquired a majority stake in Plan B Entertainment, a deal estimated to value the studio in hundreds of millions of dollars. Brad Pitt will continue to hold a minority stake in the company, renowned for producing acclaimed films like “She Said” and “Moonlight,” as well as compelling TV shows such as “The Underground Railroad” and “The OA.”

At the helm of Plan B Entertainment are Brad Pitt and the company’s presidents, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner. The production company’s journey began in 2001 when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who were married then, founded it alongside Pitt’s manager, Brad Grey. Following Pitt and Aniston’s divorce in 2005, Brad Pitt became the sole owner of Plan B Entertainment. Tragically, Brad Grey passed away in 2017, but his legacy continues through the success of the company he helped create.

Mediawan’s Ambitious Ascent

The media conglomerate was founded by French telecom billionaire Xavier Niel, investment banker Matthieu Pigasse, and producer Pierre-Antoine Capton in 2015. It aimed to consolidate various production and entertainment entities—a strategy reminiscent of Candle Media in the United States.

Like its American counterpart, Mediawan is setting its sights on acquiring celebrity-backed production companies, including Plan B, marking a significant expansion into the United States.

NSJU/ Instagram | Like its American counterpart, Mediawan is setting its sights on acquiring celebrity-backed production companies

Pierre-Antoine Capton, instrumental in Mediawan’s creation, expressed his excitement, highlighting, “Through this collaboration, we’re poised to forge an unprecedented cultural bridge between Europe and the United States. Working hand in hand with Plan B, we aim to craft top-tier original content, establishing a worldwide stage where exceptional talents can flourish.” As a result, this partnership has sparked the birth of a new Mediawan subsidiary in the United States.

Celebrity-Driven Enterprises: A New Norm

The entertainment industry is witnessing a growing trend of celebrity-driven enterprises. Candle Media has acquired Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine and secured a minority stake in Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Westbrook Entertainment.

Other players in this arena include Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird Capital, known for holding stakes in LeBron James’ SpringHill, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s Artists Equity, and Peter Chernin’s North Road.

These entities view celebrity-driven ventures as a strategic hedge against the entertainment oligopolies that dominate the industry, as major studios, such as Netflix, Disney, Apple, Paramount, and more, increasingly consolidate control over their distribution platforms. The belief is that A-list talent will always attract studio interest, benefiting the stars and their production companies.

bradpittofflcial/ Instagram | Despite his diverse business ventures, Brad Pitt’s heart remains in Hollywood; he is not leaving the industry

Ben Affleck shared his perspective during The New York Times Dealbook Summit, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the true value that artists bring to the industry.

He emphasized, “The lifelong dedication of artists, such as my wife [Jennifer Lopez], in establishing their names, reputations, and bonds with fans holds immense worth. Unfortunately, these values frequently go unrecognized in the agreements negotiated.” The objective is to create a business model where deals are based on market competition and the value creators bring to the table.

A Promising Path Ahead

With their eyes set on expanding their reach and influence, Brad Pitt, Plan B Entertainment, and Mediawan are embarking on an exciting journey. In a joint statement, Pitt, Kleiner, and Gardner expressed their excitement for the partnership’s potential, pledging to continue producing new content for audiences worldwide.

With Mediawan’s innovative and producer-centric platform, many storytellers—both established masters and emerging voices—will have the opportunity to thrive, ensuring that Hollywood’s treasure trove remains abundant and diverse. As the entertainment industry evolves, these visionary collaborations promise an exciting future for creators and audiences alike.

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