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A Tweet of Obama Making Melania Trump Smile Went Viral on Twitter!

We cannot deny that Trump and Obama have had an ongoing tension between them since the former ascended into office. Trump has been reversing some of Obama’s policies like the Obamacare, Paris Agreement, and Immigration.

Since the two Heads of State are in constant battle, it seems fitting their families are in a rift too. However, that’s not what happened. Everyone was surprised to see how Obama was such a gentleman when he talked with the current first lady. What’s more, he managed to make her smile too!

A Funeral’s Reunion

Barbara Bush served as the US First Lady from 1989-1993 as the wife of Former President George. H.W. Bush

The wake of the former First Lady Barbara Bush’s funeral last Saturday was attended by prominent celebrities and powerful figures like the past Presidents and First Ladies of the country. With that said, thousands of Twitter fans anticipated the said funeral not only for paying tribute to a great lady who contributed in making America a great nation, but also to see the most-awaited of the 44th and 45th President of the United States.

Unfortunately, only his first lady, Melania Trump attended the funeral since Donald Trump was scheduled to visit one of his golf resorts in Florida.

The captured moment of Obama and Trump smiling briefly went viral on the Internet

Melania Trump sat next to former President Obama the entire length of the service. Surprisingly, the two exchanged a warm greeting with each other which received massive attention on social media. Not only that, but as the organ music played in the background, Obama leaned over to her and said something. It seems whatever Obama said was humorous enough to make Melania Trump smile!

A True Diplomat and Gentleman

The fans, even the prominent celebrities, couldn’t help but gush, comment, and laud the former President for treating the First Lady with kindness and respect despite the attacks Trump made against him.

One Twitter user named Jeff Tiedrich added that “Makes Melania smile” made it to the long list of things Obama can do, that Trump can’t. Apparently, he’s not only referring to these personal things a gentleman should do to his lady. He also refers to the awesome things Obama had done to make America a better nation and how Trump is doing a great job of ruining it.

The television producer Andy Lassner even tagged the President in the said picture while asking how his golfing was while her first lady was getting cozy with his mortal enemy.

Meanwhile, the American director and political commentator Bob Cesca pleaded with his followers not to tweet the photo to Donald Trump (although he tagged him by himself). He said that Trump would hate to see the first time his wife smiled in years was during a cozy chat with Obama, and not him!

The Irish actor Adam Best lauded the President for maintaining diplomacy with Melania. His gentlemanly behavior shows how he’s a real President. He also bet that there’s no way Trump would treat Michelle with warmth and kindness.

A Happy Melania Trump

Another Twitter user named Grace, advises the woman to find a man who smiles at them the way Obama smiled at the First Lady. Kimexander Hamilton edited two photos and combined them together with a Pop Quiz question asking which of the two photos was taken at a Funeral.

The left side showed her smiling with Obama, while on the right showed Melania’s grim expression. If the Americans didn’t know any better, they would’ve chosen the right pic!

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