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Senator Rubio Criticizes Students for “March For Our Lives” Protests

Ever since the deadly school shooting incident in Parkland, Florida, the students, local, and international organizations call the government to toughen the regulations on weapons. They believe that passing a rigid ruling in firearm possessions could prevent the successive terror attacks across the country.

Together, they established the Never Again MSD group to hold the US Congress accountable for their stance on gun control. While the students received mass support from the public, not everyone admired their bravery. For instance, a member of the US Congress itself stated that he didn’t support the cause.

The First National Demonstration

Just last month, the Never Again MSD group led the first ever national demonstration to Washington D.C to urge the government in supporting the Gun Control. The students believe that restricting the usage and possession of guns, ammunition, and other firearms, can help end the violence. They stated that the future applicants must be mentally and psychologically fit to possess a gun.

If not, he or she must undergo a strict process such as passing a psychological and psychiatric test, free from any addiction, and clear from any disciplinary and questionable behavior before the Congress grants permission. The group also wants to limit the number of firearms an owner can possess to avoid using it in illegal and terrorist activities such as mass shooting.

The Parkland Students held a national demonstration called “March for our Lives” last March 28, 2018.

Aside from relaying their messages, the group also gave a moment of silence to pay tribute to their fallen comrades. Prominent celebrities and renowned organizations sponsored and joined the said event. The youth hailed this momentous event as a pivotal point in history as they fight for their right to live and their future. The March for our Lives signified the call for unity to eliminate terrorism and pursue peace.  

A Threat to the Second Amendment

While the group receives tremendous support from the majority,  unfortunately, some politicians oppose the said cause. For instance, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida Congress stated that not all Americans support the gun ban because they view the said action as a threat to the Second Amendment. Senator Rubio pertains to protecting the people’s right to keep and bear firearms.

An individual is entitled to possess a gun, or any firearms he or she sees fit for self-defense, resistance to oppression, or out of civic duty to protect the state from impending invasion, terrorism, or external threats.

The Students also wore an orange price tag with $1.05 listed amount, signifying their worth to Senator Rubio.

The individual may opt not to possess or keep weapons at his own discretion. The most influential framer of the said bill was the late James Madison. He wrote how these Federal Reserves could repel any danger that may invade the country,

While Rubio opposed their views, he respected their right to demonstrate a peaceful protest, as well as their stance on gun ban. However, not everyone who wants to avoid mass shootings should support the said movement too. Law-abiding citizens who possess guns can contribute to preventing these tragedies from recurring by neutralizing the State’s enemies.

“Insensitive Statement”

The public, especially the Parkland Students, lambasted the lawmaker for making insensitive comments on his Twitter account. They also attacked him for his apparent ties with the NRA.  The Senator was a huge supporter of gun rights and he even received an A+ rating from the organization. Aside from that, the NRA sponsored his campaign during the 2016 elections.

Senator Rubio (R) attended the CNN Town Hall Meeting last February 21, 2018, at Sunrise, Florida

After the Parkland shooting, the students met with the Republican lawmaker in a town hall meeting in February. There, the senator defended his support to the NRA. He told them that the NRA’s money didn’t influence him in any way to support gun rights. Rather, the views of each NRA member influenced his decision to block the gun ban.

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