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The SECRET Formula Samsung Used to Become an Innovation Enigma

In a world full of emerging new technologies, few stand out the way Samsung products do. In truth, the company has been a trailblazer in terms of technological innovation for quite a while now. However, looking back at its history, the company wasn’t always top of the cream.

The company has its origins in South Korea. At present, it has a well-connected network around the world, almost akin to the neural networks in brains. The rise of Samsung can in a way be attributed to the fantastic marketing campaign they had to undertake in order to be on par with fellow world-beaters like Apple.

Samsung is an amalgamation of about 80 companies and currently employs more than 370,000 people

Only 20 years ago, Samsung was only a household favorite in a couple of places around the world. Their production centered on producing mass inexpensive and imitative electronics for affiliate companies. This business model facilitated Samsung to learn how to produce numerous electronic items at great speed for large markets. Soon enough, their products spread and they became known for their impressive products and the fact that they were a symbol of reliability.

The production was mainly centered on the engineering aspect of the electronics. Design came as an afterthought. Back then, given the fact that most technologies were just emerging, that approach worked for them. In contemporary times, there has been a shift away from this school of thought.

Beware of the Neighbor!

Whilst Samsung was busy producing wonderful electronic products en masse, Apple, under the stewardship of Steve Jobs, had come up with a new approach to sell their products.

They incorporated more design and style to products that were just as powerful. The focus on sleekness soon became a thing for companies looking for a growing niche in the population. It’s the same way automotive companies like Ferrari made a name for themselves. They realized that their cars could sell like hotcakes once they added design elements to their horsepower engines. What was below the hood was only the starting point. It was an incredible strategy, really.

Samsung is Focused on In-House Production, more than 90% of its Equipment is made in Samsung Factories

In 1996, Lee Kun Hee, at the forefront of the Samsung group, decided to capitalize on the market. By fusing design into their products, Samsung would gain by becoming a top brand. At present, Samsung has taken on board more than 1,600 designers. In recent years, the company has shipped home numerous design awards, more than any other company has.

A Bumpy Ride

While reading the aforementioned history may paint a rosy picture, not everything has been a smooth sail. As usual, there have been a few bumps here and there during the company’s growth.

The shift from an engineering-centric approach to a design one has not gone down smoothly. Engineers and designers operate using completely different mindsets. For engineers, products are made to function using the quickest way possible by making utility of the most feasible materials. With design, they focus is usually on the intricate details that bring out the pizzazz.


For Samsung, innovation has always been the core subject. The company has made numerous recruitments that were focused on bringing in young talent on board. This approach has helped foster a culture of constant projection on what the future may get to look like.

The line of television products released by Samsung have been a thing of beauty. There are an assortment of TVs with different specifications like 4K, QLED, and curved. Their latest release in the TV industry is an almost see-through television.

The same can also be said for its smartphone ventures. They were the first to come up with the phablet concept in phones. Soon enough, numerous companies also jumped on board with similarly styled releases. All this was perhaps done in a bid to pay homage to the company for its endless onslaught in leading the path. As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery.

Reaching Out

Samsung has performed quite well commercially, at one point during the S3 launch, about 500 units were flying off the shelves in a minute

The truth is, the mobile industry is very dynamic. There’s hardly time for anyone to lay a patent and focus on producing in one fashion. People replace phones every now and then. Trends are ever changing and as such, Samsung has found itself competing with numerous other companies that offer products looking for a chunk of the market.

Initiatives like the Look at Me campaign have helped the company stand out as more than just a company focused on the buck. The campaign focused on helping children with autism access digital devices following the development of an interactive camera app. Through this approach, Samsung was able to receive lots of plaudits from critics and admirers alike.

It is through such initiatives that Samsung has been able to emerge as world leaders in terms of technological innovation. Appealing to the masses whilst producing quality products takes a good marketing campaign. At present, they are at the forefront.

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