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This School Driver Braids This Girl’s Hair Since She Lost Her Mother

One of the most heart-wrenching moments we face in life is when we lose our loved ones. It’s difficult for us to move forward and live our life without them by our side. We feel as if they took a piece of our hearts and souls when they left.

Even more so if you’ve lost a mother, especially at a young age. We suddenly don’t have someone to lean on, to guide us. We’re forced to grow up and learn to tend to our needs and take care of ourselves.

And this was exactly what happened to this young girl. Isabella Pieri lost her mom when she was young. However, it seems Isabella doesn’t need to go through with some of the darkest moments in her life alone since a good Samaritan has come to aid and ease her pain even for just a short period of time. And in a bizarre course of events, she became somewhat of a second mother to Isabella.

Isabella’s Struggle In Fixing Her Hair

Ever since Isabella’s mother, Patricia Piere, died from a rare brain illness two years ago, she’s been learning on how to take care of herself. Her father, Philip Pieri, also taught her daughter how to do household chores and tend to her personal needs as much as he can, because he couldn’t take care of her 24/7 since he leaves early for work.

However, he admits that there’s one thing he fell short in helping her. He struggles to braid her hair. He even recalled how her daughter got mad at him one day for pulling her hair when he tried fixing it.

Philip Pieri lives in American Fork, Utah, together with his 11-year old daughter, Isabella Piere

He admitted he didn’t know how to fix her hair. If there was somebody who could have helped her, it would’ve been her mom. However, she’s gone and couldn’t help their daughter. Isabella normally has a crew cut hairstyle. But once it started growing, she pulls her hair back into a ponytail, and it gets all tangled up. Since then, she has struggled with maintaining her hair, until the kind-hearted bus driver Tracey Dean stepped in to offer her help.

The Kind-Hearted Bus Driver

Tracy Dean is a 47-year old female school driver for Alpine School District. She noticed Isabella struggling with her hair, but she first didn’t approach her in case the young girl was too shy or may be afraid of her.

However, when she noticed Dean fixing her classmate’s braid one time, Isabella mustered the courage to ask her if she could braid her hair, too. Dean said yes with delight and ever since then, she gets to style Isabella’s hair almost every morning.

Tracy Dean has been driving the school bus for more than 10 years

Dean said she normally does two French braids on Isabella’s hair. However, sometimes the girl only wants to have one braid, and she complies. Aside from braiding and styling her hair, Dean also taught her how to brush her hair properly.

Now that Isabella finally learned how to brush her hair, she eagerly gets on the bus every morning and asks Dean if her hair looks stunning. And then, Dean replies she did an awesome job brushing her hair!

Isabella’s Transformation

Dean replied that helping Isabella was no big deal, and in fact, she enjoys bonding with the girl. She shared how her mom raised her to be nice to everyone and help them whenever she can. When she found out she had breast cancer seven years ago, she’s been worried who’s going to take care of her little ones. She reiterates that only mothers can do their kids’ hairs.

Her beautiful transformation certainly didn’t go unnoticed by her father. In fact, Philip Piere was shocked one time his daughter came home and she looked so beautiful. He called her his princess and witnessed how she gained confidence since then. He hasn’t seen his daughter this happy since her mother died. And for that, Piere thanked Dean for her kind act.

He indicated how Dean didn’t need to step up and assist his daughter, but she did just that, which he was grateful for. In fact, even Isabella’s teacher Mrs. Freeze noticed how her student raised her head with confidence and she’s now looking at the world with a brighter perspective. And Isabella also thinks that Dean’s like a mom to her already. She’s been looking forward to seeing her every day to see what she does to her hair.

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