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Mind-Blowing Things We Can Learn from Apple & Google’s Employee Productivity

Apple and Google are the tech giants of our times. They have managed to establish themselves as leaders of innovation in the world sphere that is ever-changing thanks to the evolution of technology and the internet.

There are, however, numerous other companies, both established and startups that offer a semblance of the same services these tech giants do. There is, however, a distinction in the manner they operate that sets them apart from the rest of the competition.

Other than making the right financial and product marketing moves, the cognitive aspect that premeditates such success far outweighs the numerous benefits that are resultant. The leadership hierarchy is responsible for the success in such companies. It trickles down to their choice of human capital.

Assessing the labor aspect of such companies is sure to reveal an important truth about productivity. In these fields, they ensure they only hire the very best professionals to steer the company towards success.

Energy, Time & Talent are the most essential aspects of Human Capital

The CEOs of these companies have narrowed down the essential aspects of human capital necessary to achieve productivity to energy, time, and talent. By having just the right mix of these three, a company can get to maximize in the way, it is able to meet its set targets.

According to them, by taking in only the best, they were able to improve productivity levels by up to 40%. Ultimately, this can have a ricochet effect on the profit margins by bumping them upwards by up to 30-50% higher than industry averages.

Grouping Employees

In order to improve the productivity, the secret lies in grouping employees according to their strength and potential. Specialization is the name of the game here. By having only experts and top minds in different fields, they ensure that time is utilized as an asset to project growth.

Michael Mankins, a partner at Bain & Company’s San Francisco office, gave quite compelling arguments about how top companies operate. In a five-day week, the ‘star’ employees are able to get just as much done by Thursday 10 am. Impressively, they never stop working until the week concludes. Over time, such differences are able to compound and they end up producing massive gains compared to other companies featuring a similar number of employees.

By featuring essential ‘star’ players in organizational capacities, each employee is able to go the extra mile in order to ensure that results are the prime focus. As the adage goes, great minds think alike. Combining such individuals to work on a common project ensures that they are able to build on each other’s strengths.

Grouping of star players helps companies meet and surpass their targets quickly

Organizational Drag

Bureaucracy is the bane of most organizations. Bureaucratic processes are meant to serve the greater good for proper company functioning. However, they tend to impede on creativity and productivity.

On average, there is a 25% loss of production due to organizational drag. The Harvard Business review estimates that organizational drag is too rampant in most US companies. So much that it actually hurts the economy by up to $3 trillion in lost output annually.

Netflix employs a pretty impressive policy towards its employees. They advocate for them to always act in the best interests of Netflix. They count on employees to make judgments and act based on their perceived best course. That way, they do not hold back the creatives at the company. This has enabled the company to grow in leaps and bounds in the way they’ve been able to grow. At present, they are considered the global leader in streaming TV shows and movies.

Bureaucratic processes are known to lead to cases of organizational drag

Inspiring Leaders

Having the right leadership policies in place can go a long way in ensuring that a company is able to springboard itself to the next level. Inspiring leaders facilitate employees to have self-drive and belief. These policies are essential in ensuring that they can succeed irrespective of hurdles they may encounter.

When productivity gets heightened sub-consciously among numerous individuals, it can create a conducive environment for business to thrive. Having an uninspiring leader can sap even the most dedicated of employees. This is regardless of how much they are considered as ‘star’ players.

Parting Shot

To become as successful as Google and Apple have been, it takes a combination of several factors. The aforementioned factors are the bare minimums necessary that these companies have built their empires upon. By finding just the right balance of employees, leadership, and chronological implementation, success is inevitable.

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