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Your Mom Renders an Astounding 98 Hours of Work Per Week, Study Says

If someone asks if you’re willing to render more than 40 hours of work, you cringe because of how tiring it will be. We often complain internally whenever our employer asks us to render an hour or two of overtime work because we want to leave our offices as soon as possible.

We’re already dead tired just from working for eight hours straight. What more if we need to work two full-time jobs? It’s insane, isn’t it? The truth is, no one wants to work that religiously. It turns out we’re wrong. Apparently, there is a job that requires us to work an astounding 98 hours of work per week! What’s more, it’s a lifetime job and career! Let’s discover the daunting yet heroic work of a mom.

A Mother’s Typical Schedule

The giant juice company Welch conducted a survey on 2,000 American mothers with children aging from 5 to 12 years old. Their team analyzed their schedules, and the results were astounding. It turned out most American mothers woke up as early as 6:23 am. They start their work with preparing meals for their family, their clothes, and items needed for school or work. When the clock hits 7 am, most mothers prepare the table to eat breakfast with the family.

After that, the mother washes the dishes and helps her family prepare as they exit home. Finally, she spends some time to tend their infant’s needs. If she needs to work, she leaves her infant with a nanny or a babysitter. She then returns from work to do some household chores and prepare meals for their dinner. She the sits down to study with her children to help them with their homework and finally finish their chores and responsibilities at 9:00 pm.

Most moms take charge of working at home and taking care of their family

Sometimes, they even wake up at dawn if their infant needs some changing or if they need milk. She only gets 2 hours of sleep before she rises up once again to repeat her routine. Moms have to render about 98 hours, equivalent that of 2 full-time jobs, of work every week! And they only get an hour every day to rest!

More Than Just a Job

Did you think a mom’s job ends there? Think again! Working all these mundane tasks are just hints of greater challenges! More than taking care of the family’s physical needs, a mother has a parenting job too! We treat our moms as the light of our home because they served as our rock and mentor in carving our own path.

Our mom gives us emotional support and anchor when we’re down

They give us their unconditional love and support in everything we do. They want us to achieve our full potential and seek our own happiness.  They take pride in our accomplishments, and they remind us to keep going. Our mothers want us to achieve our dreams, goals, and see us build our own family in the future too. And even when we’re adults already, their jobs as moms never really end.

Cherish Your Moms and Make Them Feel Loved

Now that the Mother’s Day is coming, pay them back by recognizing all their diligent work and the unwavering love they showered for us. Spoil them with flowers, a delicious meal, and give them the best rest day of their lives. Give them a break from doing their household chores and let them pamper themselves for once. Most of all, don’t forget to thank them for all the sacrifices they gave for us. You wouldn’t become successful if your mother didn’t nurture you.

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