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Katie Bolden Reveals Secret To Losing Weight Without Sacrificing Favorite Food

Whenever we hear the words “Weight Loss”, the first thing that comes to our mind is a diet regimen that aims for us to lose weight. We often associate this with restricting the food we eat while waking up early in the morning just to workout and sweat those fats in our body. We need to exercise control and discipline to resist the food temptation and workout. It was instilled in our minds that in order to lose weight, we need to undergo a painful and excruciating process of depriving ourselves of our favorite foods, which often leads to misery and this is also the primary cause as to why we fail with our diet.

What if we tell you that there’s a way for you to lose weight without sacrificing or giving up your favorite food? Don’t believe us? Well, you better start believing because Katie Bolten is currently making a buzz in the industry for having a remarkable weight loss transformation! And not only a typical weight loss, because she was able to lose weight while eating her favorite food! How? Let’s read and find out her astounding secret!

Let’s Unveil Katie’s Secret for Her Remarkable Weight Loss Transformation!

In just 3 and 1/2 years, Katie Bolten managed to lose an astounding 150 pounds of body weight through a natural process and even replaced her fats with muscles in the process! What made her story the most inspiring one is that aside from doing it through natural means, she revealed that she still enjoys eating her favorite food during her weight loss journey! She even set up a blog to reveal on how she lost weight from 280 down to 130 pounds.  

Katie Shared Her Story on How to Lose Weight The Natural Way

Katie Was Diagnosed With Multiple Health Conditions That Triggered Her to Lose Weight

Before she started her weight loss journey, Kate revealed that she already struggled with multiple health complications because of her weight. She was previously diagnosed with angina. It’s a type of chest pain inflammation usually caused by the lack of blood supply flowing to your heart. Because of this, her physicians told her that she’s at risks in acquiring a heart disease and attacks when she gets older. Aside from that, she was diagnosed with a PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) too. It’s a medical condition of hormonal imbalance which causes the ovaries to enlarge and have irregular periods. It also grows multiple small cysts around the ovary. This condition has also something to do with insulin resistance, so she’s also at risk for Diabetes. Lastly, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), which causes one of her eye to go blind temporarily because of several neurological issues.

These multiple health conditions, paired with a possibility of infertility triggered her to start her weight loss journey.

Katie Became More Motivated to Lose Weight For Her Baby

She revealed that the realization of a possibility of not being a mother scared her to the core. Those possibilities triggered her to finally embark on a weight loss journey in 2013. She started small with altering her food intake and devising exercise habits to monitor her health condition. She didn’t lose significant weight 18 months later but nevertheless, she was happy with her progress. Why? It’s because it enabled her to welcome her angel into this world. This means that she was able to beat PCOS and get pregnant and have a baby. And when she finally had her little bundle of joy in her arms, it motivated her, even more, to pursue weight loss to have a healthy lifestyle for her baby.

Katie’s Secret to Weight Loss While Enjoying Her Favorite Food Is The 80/20 Rule.

Katie Bolden Is Now Living Happily and Healthily With Her Family

Katie Bolden Is Now Living Happily and Healthily With Her Family

Katie revealed that even if she’s losing weight, she never gives up her favorite foods because that’s what makes her happy. She even said that having the ability to enjoy your favorite foods now and then was vital to the success of her weight loss. That means you shouldn’t deprive yourself of eating what you want. That’s why she applied to the 80-20 rule. This means that in her diet, she needs to eat at least 80% of healthy and clean foods. And the remaining 20% will be dedicated to her favorite foods such as sweets and treats. She usually adapts the 20% rule at least once a week. She has scheduled one cheat meal every week that enables her to enjoy eating food without restrictions. Because she was able to satisfy her cravings, she said it made her easier to follow her diet religiously because she knows that she’s going to eat her favorite foods soon. The cheat meal serves as her reward system.

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