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Immigrants Can Now Avail of Online Career Counseling

One of the most challenging stages in our life is when we go looking for a job. The moment we graduate, we go on a job-hunting journey to look for work.

We compete with thousands of other job seekers to land a good and stable job with good pay, benefits and allows us to advance our career path.

However, finding a new job isn’t easy, especially if you’re an immigrant competing with the locals. Fortunately, this new program aims to provide career counseling for potential immigrants in Israel to help them land their dream jobs easier.

The Initiative

The renowned non-profit organization Gvahim Association, is set to launch an online working platform called NewRow to launch online career counseling specifically catered to Israel’s immigrants. The platform will conduct classes limited between 7-10 participants per course.

The participants can choose from a variety of courses like finance, biotechnology, pharmacy, marketing and sales, the nonprofit sector, among others. Each course will consist of 1-4 hour sessions not only in learning their respective fields but also to determine the Israeli job market and position themselves better in the industry.

The counseling will also give an overview of the current job opportunities in the market, help the immigrants with job searching, and giving them the chance to speak with native Israelis working in the same industry for them to learn about their working experience.

Both nonprofit and philanthropic institutions focus on developing professional careers in Israel while reducing the social inequality especially to the underprivileged immigrants.

According to Gvahim director Juan Taifeld, searching for a job in Israel is one of the major challenges new immigrants face.

That’s why they launched this new technology platform to provide them with knowledge, tools, methods, and practices to minimize the professional and cultural gap between the immigrants and the natives. This will help the immigrants to plan ahead to land a successful new career in Israel.

The History

Prior to the launching of the said new platform, Gvahim is an affiliate company established by the Rashi Foundation to launch a career program for immigrants. The said foundation has been providing workshops, guidance, and personal counseling to immigrants. Gvahim had already launched other programs to give more working and professional opportunities in the underprivileged areas in Israel.

The Hive, for example, works as a start-up accelerator for Israeli and immigrant entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, Tech Heights offers job opportunities for computer-related graduates. If you’re a medical professional interested in working in Israel’s healthcare, you can seek help from Olim Medical as they provide job opportunities for medical students with integration from France.

Tips to Land a Job in Israel

If you’re an immigrant still struggling in finding a stable job in Israel, the job experts recommend these tips to help you increase your chances of getting hired.


More than 60% of Israel’s job openings are unlisted publicly because most companies tend to hire internally through working connections.

One of the main reasons why it’s difficult to land a job in Israel is because they don’t advertise their job openings in public. This is why it’s vital if you have some network connections in your field of expertise.

For example, if you have a friend working for a certain company, you can ask them if they have a job opening in the line of your profession. The more people you have connections with, the better your chances of getting hired.


When you’re job hunting, don’t hesitate to ask the HR if they have any job openings. If not, ask them if you can send or give your CV anyway.

Most Israeli companies keep your CV on file, and they often tend to contact you if they have a job available. Also, make sure to add, “willing to commute” in your CV if you’re living in a far-away place. Most Israeli companies never bother to contact an applicant who lives very far away, unless you’re willing to commute.

Foreign Companies

Before migrating, you might want to check first whether your original country has foreign companies which also have a branch in Israel.

Companies like IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Cadbury, and Motorola allow their workers to transfer to another branch or country. If you’re an immigrant, it might be your easiest way to land a job. Make sure to work on these companies in your original country before you migrate.

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