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Gayle King Signs a Huge Contact with CBS, And You Won’t Believe How Much She’s Being Paid!

The renowned TV host, Gayle King, has knocked the ball out of the park with her recently CBS renewed contract that almost doubled her salary. The contract initially came to a standstill after the two negotiating parties failed to reach a deal, but a week later, CBS News announced its decision to raise the television host’s salary from $5.5 million to $11 million.

The Deal

Despite the massive overhaul in the network’s morning and evening broadcast schedule, Page Six revealed that Gayle King’s management will still remain with CBS News for another two years at least. The popular TV personality will continue to host This Morning on the news channel after its complete revamp.

King landed a sweet deal with CBS after renewing her contract for a staggering $11M!

King landed a sweet deal with CBS after renewing her contract for a staggering $11M!

Reports also stated that King’s new deal was a massive boost to her income. Up until recently, the TV host was making $5.5 million per year but after news broke that she was thinking about leaving CBS to join a bigger network, the news company sat down to negotiate the terms of contract with her, eventually arriving at the decision to raise her salary to $11M per year!

The Negotiation

A network insider also reveals King might be making more than $11M after the renewal of her contract with CBS. The negotiations had begun even before her controversial interview with R.Kelly in which she received massive praise for her calm demeanor even when the rapper got hot-tempered. 

After the interview, Gayle was trending on social media, and became the subject of several memes and interviews. The network saw how valuable King was to their show hence they decided to negotiate the deal to make her stay.

Oprah Winfrey encourages King to pursue what she wants because she deserves it.

Oprah Winfrey encouraged King to pursue what she wants because she deserves it

Gayle says that she only thought about switching to a different network after finding out about ABC’s recent contract with George Stephanopoulos which raised his salary to $15-$18 million per year. King’s best friend and fellow TV host Oprah Winfrey also advised her to push through the negotiations and ‘get what she really wants’.

The Advice

Oprah told King to fight for what she wants since it was the perfect opportunity to ask for that pay raise. And if the management didn’t grant King’s wish, it was time to move on to bigger opportunities that awaited her. 

Oprah even said she pushed King’s attorney to take legal actions and help her with negotiations.

King reveals she’ll stay and continue hosting for “This Morning.” Meanwhile, her co-host Norah O’Donnell will take over as the new anchor for CBS Evening News and replace Jeff Glor.

The Denial

According to The Post, King allegedly put forth another demand besides the $11M paycheck to renew her contract with CBS. The sources reveal she reportedly demanded to part with O’Donnell from This Morning show and have her take control over other CBS shows.

King maintains a good working relationship with O’Donnell despite her decision to leave the morning show

However, CBS News president Susan Zirinsky denied such allegations and said they implemented changes at the management’s discretion. The two TV hosts remain friends, and King is set to introduce O’Donnell at the Matrix Awards this coming Monday in Manhattan.

The New Line Up

O’Donnell also shut down the rumors and said that she and King are on good terms. They’ve been reading a lot of inaccurate news recently, and they’ll address these concerns after they return to their respective shows this week. O’Donnell says she can’t wait to work with King and co-host John Dickerson once again.

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