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Fulfill Your Dream Of Becoming a Data Specialist

In this modern-day world where technology is rampant, the importance of data gathering and information checking plays a crucial role in our community. For one, we need to do some fact checking whether or not the article or source we read is legitimate, genuine, or not. We also need to filter the spammy websites that feed the Internet with senseless information and initiate fraudulent transactions to scam the user. Most importantly, data specialists are in-demand in the Internet industry because they’re the ones managing and monitoring any vital information ranging from bills, reports, checks, and analysis as well as storing this information according to the desired output.

Due to the high demand for data specialist in the business industry, most students are now eager to learn the skills needed for this profession. This could mean a higher job opportunity for them if they graduate as a data specialist. How can you become one when it’s so expensive to study and become a data specialist? Is there a solution for this? Well, the good thing is that you can now become a data specialist for just $50! How? Let us read and find out.

Certs School Compiles a Training Bundle For You To Become a Data Specialist

Because of the insane demand for data specialist in the business and IT Industry, the prestigious IBM company predicted that the demands of the said job will continue to grow exponentially for the next three years. This prompted the company to create an educational bundle training program for data specialist aspirants. In collaboration with Certs School, they created the book bundle program which will serve as the student’s handbook and blueprint to become a certified Data Specialist.

IBM Develops a Certification Bundle To Become a Data Specialist

What’s great about this bundle program is that it’s available for only $50! It’s pretty affordable compared to other training bundles which normally cost you around $100 or more. This means that anyone can access this important information and key points and invest in their knowledge base at an affordable rate!

This Bundle Will Help You Become Equipped with Technical Skills as Data Specialist

The Bundle Lets You Gain Access to Business and Marketing Tools As Well

The Bundle Lets You Gain Access to Business and Marketing Tools As Well

This bundle will cover around 84 hours of tutorial content ranging from different topics for you to understand and have a broader knowledge of business tools as well as the big data. At the end of the course, you will be able to improve your analytical skills and apply what you learned to create business marketing strategies, campaigns, as well as data storage and analysis to determine your market trend and preference. The bundle will tackle lessons about data mining, exploration, hypothesis testing, and visualization to apply the concept skills you learned to an interactive simulation or even in real life scenarios.

The Bundle Will Teach You About Technical Skills as Well

The Bundle Will Teach You About Technical Skills as Well

Aside from improving your analytical skills, you will also be introduced to numerous programming languages such as Excel, Hadoop, Python, and Tableau to equip you with technical skills as well. If you ever want to advance in your learning like in programming, you can also opt to avail additional sessions to improve your programming skills which are also vital to our success as a data specialist. Moreover, the bundle also offers specific learning for those who want to learn about the R Programming language. You can master the said language while advancing your learning about cluster analysis, analyzing statistical concepts and forecasting data, and linear and logistic regression.

Last but not the least, the best perk of this bundle is that it is designed to be taught by yourself.

Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle

Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle

Yes. You don’t need to put up with attending classes, even virtual once, and interact with other students throughout the program. You won’t get pressured if you see another student excelling before you. It’s okay if you didn’t understand or grasp the lesson the first time you did it because it’s a self-paced bundle program. You can learn whenever and wherever you want at the expense of your own time. There’s no need to feel rushed unlike when you’re in school. In fact, you even have access to this bundle for a year for only $50! You can save as much as 90% compared to other competitors with subscription services.

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