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Discover the 10 Most Stressful Jobs Ever

The 9-5 routine can be quite stressful at times. High cortisol levels, the hormone responsible for stress reactions, are usually the result of pressure at the workplace.

Admittedly, every job comes with a certain degree of stress. Not all jobs are created equal though, some do pack a mean punch of stress. The high-pressure jobs often take a greater toll on employees than low-stress jobs.

Whether high stress or low stress, it’s all about preferences. Some people prefer high-stress jobs because of the challenges and rewards. Others simply opt to avoid such stressful moments

At times, one may have difficulty knowing whether a job is stressful or not. Luckily, The Occupational Informational Network, an initiative of the U.S. Department of Labor, can help provide some clarity on this matter.

While identifying the level of stress may be an arduous task, ONET has been resourceful in providing a comprehensive list of some of the most stressful jobs. They have categorically stated that their list was compiled based on the degree of stress tolerance people are able to withstand while in the field.

1. Urologist

While most jobs in the medical profession are high pressure, urologists tend to have it the hardest. The unrelenting nature of the job means that there is way too much pressure on the doctors of medicine to get everything right.

They have busy schedules and need to attend to a myriad of conditions ranging from recurrent infections and andrological conditions. The aging population has not helped their condition. An increase in the aging population means that urologists will keep getting stressed in the near future.

2. Taxi Driver

As passenger chauffeurs, taxi drivers have it real bad. This is because for one to make a successful trip, they need to be ready to anticipate situations.

Taxi drivers deal with plenty of frustrations, including grumpy and drunk clients, the need to beat rush hour traffic and hundreds of hours behind the wheel every week. Even with all these challenges, the pay is often times modest.

The most stressful jobs often require workers to accept criticism and learn to cope with tricky situations calmly. Incredibly, most jobs featured on the list tend to have a life-and-death situation

3. Senior Corporate Executives

Being a boss sounds all fun and games until the responsibilities kick in. Senior corporate executives are found in almost all industries around the world. Their jobs typically entail making decisions that can lead to the success or failure of a company. Added with the stiff competition for the job, one can have a messy situation in their hands.

4. Public Relations Executive

Even though this is an office job, the experience is not really smooth sailing. One gets to encounter people from all walks of life, from angry customers to prying journalists to unhappy customers. At times, one has to log long hours, prepare speeches and smile through all the innumerable challenges that may occur.

5. Event Co-ordinators

Sure, most people love weddings. However, there is a great distinction between being a wedding and actually organizing one. Event co-ordinators prepare functions for individuals to meet up, undertake serious business and have fun while at it.

These functions range from weddings to simple meetups to conventions and mega seminars. The job may require one to travel from one spot to another without losing their step.

6. Airline Pilot

While travel can be an exhilarating experience, when it’s done as a job, the thrill may disappear. Traveling from one destination to the next may get stressful and leave one’s batteries low.

Other than the frequent flights, one has to contend with the vagaries of nature, unruly passengers and the threat of terrorism. Before one successfully makes the jump from a regional airline to a top carrier, one has to undergo stressful situations because of the massive competition in the field.

7. Enlisted Military Personnel

Military men and women often times get thrust into far-flung and wartorn countries. While there, they may get exposed to cultures, life-threatening injuries and a myriad of other issues that can alter the way their lives are. Many troops face a number of psychological issues. Post-traumatic disorder is also a major issue. The statistics show that about 30 percent of military personnel officers develop mental issues about 3-4 months away from home.

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