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12 Stress-Free Jobs That Pay Well

Everyone needs a job to be able to provide for themselves and their family. A good job puts food on the table, pays the bills, and caters to other needs. However, many people associate jobs with stress, bossy employer, the annoying co-workers. On the contrary to what most people think, there are enjoyable, stress-free jobs that pay well.

Could any of these jobs be what you’ve been looking for all that time?

 Ethical Hacker

What makes this job inviting is not just the average annual salary of $93, 250, but the fun that comes with it, too.  You earn a decent salary while taking pride in the knowledge that you can hack into computer systems legally. Yes, you have the upper hand against the bad guys! Cool, right?

 Marine Engineers and Naval Architects

These jobs require you to design, build and maintain ships, submarines, sailboats, tankers, and aircraft carriers, and they are really cool. Naval architects work on the design, which includes hull stability and shape.  On average, you will be compensated an annual salary of $94,040. Although it is a handsome sum, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree before applying.

 Caretaker of a Private Island

Earn up to $100, 000 while soaking up under the sun as you take care of a private island. You could even pretend that you own the entire island. 


Orthodontists are the ones examine, diagnose, and treat dental malocclusions and oral cavity anomalies. They design and fabricate appliances to realign the jaws and the teeth, maintain the normal functioning, and improve the appearance of the mouth. These professionals pocket an average annual salary of $196, 279. But before you enjoy the salary, you need a bachelor’s degree, with four-year dental school, and about two years of training in residency.

 Ferrari Driving Instructor

This is every man’s dream job. You not only have fun but also take home an average annual salary not less than $80, 000.

 Video Game Designer

Become a web game designer and create the next coolest video games on the market. Here, you can model and create your own characters and scenes based on real people and places. By so doing, you get an average annual salary of $83, 410.


With an annual salary of $110, 440 you will be required to observe astronomical phenomena and apply the knowledge you gain to solve practical problems. However, you need a bachelor’s degree, a master’s and a Ph.D.

 Food Scientist

With an average annual salary of $65, 340, a food scientist ensure that agricultural establishments are producing safe food. To become one, You need a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution, and you may proceed to get a doctoral degree as well.


This job deals with everything about wine.  You get to meet and interact with famous people in posh restaurants and hotels, plus you will never be “thirsty.”

 Food Critic

Food critics earn an average annual income of $47, 000 besides enjoying free dinners in some of the best restaurants out there. 

 Fortune Cookie Writer

A fortune cookie writer earns an annual salary of $69, 130. You are well compensated given the fact that you use your wit and wisdom to produce memorable and appealing one-liners that provoke thoughts among people.

  Advertising Copywriter

If you are creative, understand about the advertising market, and can come up with catchy and witty slogans, this is the job for you. You will have an average salary of $61, 000 after condensing big ideas into a concise one.

Which job do you like most? Stop pouting and make your dream job come true.

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