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Choose Well: Top 12 Highest Paying Jobs

If you are at that moment in life where you want to choose what your career is going to be, you should focus on choosing something that you will love doing. You do not want to choose a job that you will hate going to, but making a lot of money definitely, doesn’t hurt.

So, if you still didn’t make your decision about which career you wish to pursue, let us help you out by, at least, listing the highest paying jobs, and, if one of your choices are on the list, maybe it helps you.

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Everybody knows that lawyers make a lot of money, right? And they really do—at least the good ones. With an average annual salary of 136,000 dollars, you can rest assured that you will not be lacking anything in life if you choose one of the career paths a lawyer can choose. However, you should be warned that lawyers, across the board of specializations, tend to be very committed to their jobs. As such, being a lawyer demands long hours in the office.

Marketing Manager

While it is an undoubtedly difficult area to succeed in, a marketing manager can expect an annual salary of 140,660 dollars. On the other hand, unlike many other professions, your responsibilities are not set in stone. You will have to be capable of improvising and basically managing an entire firm to make it in marketing.

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IT Manager

As we all know that IT managers are currently one of the most sought out workers all around the world. They have to supervise software and hardware updates, protect the network from malware, and coordinate any issues with technology. Every company needs one, and they do all of that for a sweet annual salary of 141,000 dollars.

Petroleum engineer

While being a difficult playing field to join, a petroleum engineer is a really important job for the current economy. If you choose to go with this career your job will be to create new ways to help get the oil and find better ways to do so to also help the environment. The job also comes with an average annual salary of 159,590 dollars.

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Nurse Anesthetist

A registered nurse who, after accruing at least a year of experience at the critical care and earns a masters degree from a nurse-anesthesia program, can become a nurse anesthetist. Their job is to administer anesthesia so that doctors can complete procedures that would otherwise be painful. So, how much do they make? $160,250


With an average salary of 161,020 dollars per year, this profession is definitely well paid. But, what is a prosthodontist? To simplify it, it is a dental specialist whose job is to make oral prostheses to replace missing teeth.


We all know the pain of having to pay for a good dentist, and we all know that it is worth it. As a dentist, you will be helping people maintain the health of their mouths, gums, and teeth, while at the same time earning upwards of 172,000 dollars.


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A pediatrician’s job is to help children remain healthy; as simple as that. Depending on the specialty they chose, a pediatrician can work in oncology, psychiatry, or any other field of medicine. It is definitely one of the most rewarding jobs in medicine if you like working with children. And the salary? 183,180 dollars is their annual average.


Tending to patients’ mental health is a tricky job. However, it is definitely worth doing for the annual salary of 193,680 dollars.


Dentists who choose to specialize in orthodontics primarily deal with irregularly positioned teeth and jaws. For this goal, they usually use braces, retainers, and other appliances. And the money? Well, they make 221,390 dollars on average every year.

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Being a surgeon is a job that is taxing in every possible way. Opening up bodies and fixing people is a serious job with a lot of difficulties. To become a surgeon, it takes years upon years of hard work and dedication. Therefore. a salary of almost a quarter million dollars is definitely understandable.


Believe it or not, with an average salary of 258,000 dollars, anesthesiologists have the highest annual salaries in the States. Similarly to nurse anesthetists, they are tasked with administering the drugs that make it possible for surgeons to complete their procedures without making the patient go through hell.

And there you are, the list of top 12 paying jobs in the United States! Hopefully, it will help you choose your career and you will remember this article a decade in the future while you are earning your millions.

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