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Worried About Your Privacy? Huawei’s Laptop Has A Solution

Huawei-made MateBook X Pro notebook, which was announced at an International Congress for mobile producers in Spain, is the newest addition to the wide scope of high-end laptops we’re to see this year. Major features of the product are a start/end button and touchscreen. The start/end button has two functions – power-up and an unlock button activated after detecting the right fingerprint, while the touchscreen has an attenuated bezel, in addition to a hidden camera.

Huawei created new improved laptop.

According to the series of things that were unfolded at the Congress in Barcelona, MateBook X is equipped with core features such as a screen which is so wide that it occupies 91% of the frontal side, with extremely attenuated bezels. On the display panel, the area is designed as a touchscreen.

MateBook X’s New Display Is Designed As A Touchscreen.

The power button also functions as a detector for fingerprints. The power button enables the user to power on the laptop and presses the button once. Within 8 seconds, the login will be successful.

The the most attenuated point measurement of width is 4.8 millimeter. Not yet done with showcasing its innovation, Huawei added the uncovering of MediaPad M5 Pro and MediaPad M5, both tablet devices.

On the 26th of February, 2018, Huawei, the international China-based electronics maker, uncovered its latest creation of a new sophisticated laptop, set to rival Apple’s invention of MacBook collections, while going deeper into the heart of the tech world.

Huawei expanding their operation with laptops.

Amazing Feature Of Laptop, Hidden Camera

The tech maker did an amazing work on one particular feature, and that is a hidden camera built into the keys. When being used, the user just needs to click the button for the camera among the array of keys, and in a matter of seconds, the camera comes up. Huawei that has the maximum satisfaction of its clients at heart said that the hidden camera was built for those customers who love to have their privacy intact, according to the management at a meeting held in preparation for the London opening.

In 2017, Huawei unveiled its first ever laptop to be pushed into the tech market, MateBook X. Right now with the introduction of MateBook X Pro, which is the upgraded edition of MateBook X, the advancement has just begun. Huawei has never relented in its effort to win a suitable part of the tech sector, as it’s been pressing forward in its launching of various smartphones. The tech titan is currently the number three biggest maker of smartphones in the world when evaluated by its shares in the market. However, it’s not so lucky when estimated in the computer section of the merchandise share, because its name is not among the best five. Currently, Huawei is looking at the possibility of driving its tech vehicle into the market.

Huawei Needs To Create Something Amazing To Attract More Clients

In an interactive session with analysts and journalists as the launch draws nearer, the director for research at European phone and mobile gadgets, working at IDC, who also doubles as an analyst, Francisco Jeronimo, noted that for Huawei to be in that league, it must embark on the journey if it so many desires to belong to every form of gadget categories.


Huawei must put a lot of effort in order for their laptops to be the best

Francisco explained that MateBook X might be a marketing strategy to lure corporate clients. A new trend in the technology market known as “gadget for service” just emerged sometimes ago and it’s fast becoming popular, where industries will hire devices from other firms. Obviously, the device producer wants to claim a large spot in the market. For Huawei to draw more clients and gain more recognition in the collective markets, it must begin to write an unforgettable story about the new devices, especially the laptop, says Francisco.

Aside From New Laptop, Huawei Uncovered Two New Tablets

Still, on unveiling, Huawei also uncovered two different tablets; the MediaPad M5 Pro and MediaPad M5. The MediaPad M5 Pro comes in an exclusive style form which is called ‘the mPen.’ Mpen resembles Spen from Samsung and Pencil from Apple. On the MediaPad M5, an 8.6inch type and 10.9- inch type were on display.

Huawei has introduced one brand of tablet that as one stylus sometimes ago, and the product has the vision to spread its sale. However, the fiercely competitive and ever-expanding market may make this plan unachievable because of the presence of more popular producers who are taking over.

Another challenge that might face Huawei’s pursuit is the dominance of some sections of the market by big producers such as Amazon, which already claimed the lower spot, and Apple, which already made itself the sole authority for sophisticated tablets, according to Ben Wood, CCS Insight’s head of research.

Wood also noted that as of recent, the enthusiasm for tablets fashioned after Android, with upgraded apps, had deflated significantly.

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