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Two and a Half Things You Need to Increase Your Income

The United States Declaration of Independence contains the well-known phrase “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Of all three tenets, the pursuit of happiness seems to be the vaguest when put in the context of contemporary times.

Happiness is a rather elusive concept since it has no well-defined boundaries. It takes habitat in the emotional heartstrings of individuals. The emotional state is often influenced by a myriad of numerous things acting independently or all together at once. Thus, it is quite hard to pinpoint where happiness resides.

The adoption of capitalism has greatly influenced our perception of what happiness truly means. Indeed, money is not the greatest equalizer. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can alter our experience. Achieving great feats is one of the hallmarks of happiness in the new age. Doing so requires one to put in a lot of hard work, plus, a rub of the green.

Of course, most of the people in society are well-versed in these concepts. In order to push the limits, research has shown that incorporating something extra can be quite helpful. We list out the necessary ingredients to achieve sustained success.

Self Confidence

Self-confidence breeds trust, the most integral component of human relations

Confidence helps bring out the best in individuals. Confident people are able to take on challenges headfirst, speak up whenever they feel wronged, freely share ideas with others, and undertake great risks. Even the most elaborate of plans cannot succeed without the necessary confidence boost to set the move in motion.

A recent research done by the University of Florida revealed that self-confident people earn $7,000-$28,000 more than those without this “skill”. This research revealed that confident people are able to set incredible targets that act as a boon to their career development. People are able to distinguish between confident people and those lacking it. Individuals who are self-confident are more likely to be well perceived, respected, and seen as game-changers in whatever industries they venture into. This perception is quite important since it may lead to a couple of doors opening up.

Self-confidence is not only essential in the workplace, but also in relationships and personal health. Individuals who lack self-confidence tend to feel insecure about their standing with people around them. In effect, they may end up ruining relations with friends and family without intending to in the first place.


Having money can be a sufficient motivator for anyone to reach for the stars. However, what many people fail to realize is that even with the lack of money, we can still be inspired enough to stargaze. Once the inspiration sets in, it acts like a spark to set ablaze dreams and ambitions to reality.

Always try to create your own opportunities

The only problem with motivation is that it is not an ever-present phenomenon; it comes and goes, like a wave. At times, depending on which side of the bed we got up, we feel ready to take on the world. Then again, there are those other times that we just don’t feel like getting up at all.

Having a purpose is a great way to ensure that we’re always ready to take on the world. To achieve a sense of purpose, planning for failure is an integral aspect that needs to be factored into the math.

Constantly facing rejection and ridicule should not be sufficient grounds for us to lack motivation. Authors who get their works rejected multiple times are always bound to find a publisher willing to take them on board. Once we believe that our purpose lies in a particular field, the only thing that can stop us from achieving those goals is ourselves.

Having an elaborate plan based on execution is much more important than having handy tools to perform any task. With a well-laid plan and motivation to prepare us for any shortcomings, nothing can ever feel beyond the wildest of dreams.


Introspection is the final tenet necessary to achieve monumental success. Being one’s own critic is no easy task. Self-assessment should be an integral part of anyone looking to break even as they prepare for success.

Being hard on oneself prepares one mentally to face challenges out there in the real world. Any budding entrepreneur unable to handle criticism is not ready to venture out into the world. Not just yet, anyway.

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