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Travelling Around The World? Here’s How To Tip

There is so much to plan when traveling abroad. You have to think of the places you need to visit, the hotels you’re going to book, as well as pay fares and travel expenses. If you are a responsible traveler, you will do the research about the culture of the place you are going to visit.

Learning the place’s culture is not something we should undermine. Since we are the foreigners to the place, we must pay respect to the locals and their way of life. We should also familiarize ourselves with the norms and practices so we don’t end up disrespecting them.

Gratuity is also something we should be familiar with, especially if you are planning to wine and dine on our trip. Tipping service personnel can vary in countries and regions. Most of the places have a tipping norm so get familiar with some of those norms here.


This first-world country makes sure to pay their staffs in a more generous amount compared to other countries, that is why tipping is not necessary. They don’t oblige their customers to tip, but they will appreciate it if you leave a dollar or two.

New York City

In regions with tipping customary, they always base the tip on your bill.

The most expensive city in the United States expects no less of their customers.  Even if you eat international cuisines like Chinese, Italian, or Greek, you are still expected to tip 15-20% of your bill. This is of course on top of everything that you have ordered which is expected to be more expensive compared to ordering in Florida. In New York, a $50 can only feed two people, while it can feed 8-12 people in countries like Philippines and Indonesia.


Japan is famous for many things, their craftsmanship, honesty, and dedication to their job. The Japanese make it easy for us tourists to fell in love with their clean country. They also make it easy for us on how to tip- don’t. For them, delivering a world-class service is something they should provide their customers. Their service is their way of staying true to their art and commitment to their customers.


If you see the word ‘coperto’ in your bill, that means the establishment has already charged you for the tip

Tipping in Italy is not mandatory but is appreciated. People who dine can leave few euros that should not exceed 10% of the total bill. But before leaving extra cash, you might want to check your bill if you paid for service charge, “coperto” is what you should find in the bill. For porters and taxi drivers, you can still tip them but it should be in cash and not through a credit card.


Mexico has incorporated the U.S.’s tipping customary, 10-15% of the bill in restaurants and hotels. Maybe it’s geographic proximity that made Mexico adapt to this gratuity or maybe because tourism in Mexico has never been this good. For cab drivers and food vendors on the streets, there is no need for the 10-15%, just throw in some cash and you’re good to go.


Bars and pubs are the places in Spain where customers are not pressured to tip

Spain doesn’t expect their customers to tip since they usually include it in the bill that will be handed to you. That is the usual practice of the high-end restaurants in this country, while the more averaged-ones will not charge you for their service which is why leaving extra cash is very much appreciated. If you want to go drinking, it’s always okay not to tip the bartender anything since drinks are somehow overpriced in these establishments.

Cape Town

Just like in Mexico, dining and staying in hotels should have an extra 10-15% tip. Their cuisine and service are one of a kind and that is why the tip will just be worth it. It’s also customary to tip hotel porters about $1 per bag. If you are eating at a modest dinner and you don’t know how much to tip, it’s best to round up your bill and leave some pocket change on the table.

Tipping can depend on a person, but customary tipping should be observed so you won’t come off as an ignorant tourist. There are also countries where food servers and hotel staff receive minimum wages despite the laborious work. Tipping them is also a way of giving them extra income for the day for the service that has been provided to you. There’s is nothing wrong with being generous so tip accordingly.

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