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Robert De Niro Bans President Trump From Entering His Nobu Restaurants!

The screen legend Robert De Niro, who is also a co-owner of prestigious Nobu restaurants, made a surprising statement of banning Trump from entering any of his diners, deepening his feud with the US. President.

Of course, he claims that goes the same way for him. He’ll walk out from the restaurant he’s in if he saw the President’s presence there. He said he wouldn’t like to be seen in any eatery together with Trump. It remains unclear as to why the famous chef shares the sentiment, especially since Trump entered a Nobu restaurant before during his infamous 2013 Moscow Trip.

The Feud

The ongoing feud between the two prominent public figures started when Trump ran for the US Presidential elections last 2016. He questioned former President Obama’s origin of birth, claiming he was ineligible to serve as the President during that time. De Niro defended Obama from Trump’s claims.

Ever since then, De Niro has become Trump’s persistent critic, slamming him for his controversial policies and decisions. The 74-year-old actor also portrayed the role of Robert Mueller on Saturday Night Live to show his support to the Russian probe.

The Nobu Restaurant branch in Moscow shared a photo of Trump standing outside the restaurant together with Emin Agalarov in 2013

The Nobu Restaurant Empire has been known for its world-renowned, ultra-luxe Japanese restaurants since 1994. The empire also launched a chain of hotels since 2009 that serves high-quality sushi, Japanese, and Peruvian cuisines to Hollywood elites like Barbra Streisand, Cindy Crawford, Kardashians, and Madonna.

No One is Banned

Seeing as Mr. Trump is more partial to eating McDonald’s than eating sushi, De Niro’s alleged barring shouldn’t impose any problem to the President according to the actor’s representative.

Furthermore, they added that no written memo was passed banning anyone from entering any of Nobu restaurants. Trump is welcome to dine in a Nobu restaurant whenever he pleases, however, the representative doubts he’ll be inclined to with their fusion cuisine, considering it’s not included in Trump’s favorite foods.

De Niro has been known for snubbing stars and public figures in the past

This isn’t the first time though that De Niro snubbed some prominent stars and public figures. Its Los Angeles restaurant branch once shut out Tom Cruise from dining because the venue was already full. The controversy sparked when they received a call from his power agent named Mike Ovitz addressing the said incident.

Jeremy Piven of Entourage was banned from returning to Matsuhisa in Aspen after he had darted inside the restaurant with 12 more people without a reservation. He also allegedly made a rude comment to the branch manager.

De Niro’s Ventures

Aside from being a co-owner of the Nobu restaurants, De Niro is also a prominent actor (known for his many roles, including Raging Bull) despite his age. He confessed he would continue making movies while running his business, despite the public suggesting he might want to slow down now and just enjoy life.

He revealed that he really didn’t know what else he can do, other than continue doing his passions. He also joked about trying golf but how he didn’t enjoy doing it.

Nobu restaurants face controversy of selling and serving Atlantic bluefin tuna, which is considered an endangered species. The warning sign they put on their menu didn’t dampen the customer’s demands that often leads to overfishing.

In fact, the Nobu empire just celebrated its 25th anniversary by creating a milestone. Earlier this month, they opened three more hotels in Ibiza, Marbella, and Shoreditch. Aside from the Nobu empire, De Niro also engages in heavy investing in the Tribeca neighborhood since 1989.

He also established a Tribeca Grill at 375 Greenwich Street in Tribeca, Manhattan together with Drew Nieporent and Lou Diamond Phillips. They opened their first branch together in 1990. Scott Burnett remains the Executive Chef of the said American restaurant.

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