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KFC Has Gravy And Chicken Shortages Lingering

The legendary chicken restaurant, KFC, is making available only restricted menus to its customers at the UK restaurants which were reopened some time ago, due to a glitch in chicken stock. In the region, 98% of the chicken restaurants are functional, but all of them are currently going through a distortion of gravy supply.

After the challenge of chicken shortage started, the old-time chicken supplier made an advertisement inside the newspaper which showed a picture of a pail filled with chickens and which has KFC name on it. However, the letters were reshuffled to form the word “FCK.” Under the photo was a caption which reads, “APOLOGIES TO OUR CUSTOMERS. We appreciate your patience so far. What is a chicken menu with no chicken?”

KFC is having problems with chicken delivery

Since the problem began in England, residents of Bristol have been looking in anticipation at the Bristol branch which was shut down because of the crisis with chicken delivery which supposed to arrive on the 20th of February this year. The chicken producer has been going through difficult times because it’s been compelled to seal about hundred KFC restaurants when the chicken shortage persisted. The problem came from DHL, which is the latest delivery client for KFC. DHL failed to meet up with the delivery demand, and this has caused a break in the operation of KFC in the UK. As a result, about £1million is being lost on a daily basis.

Crisis With Chicken Delivery

Yum Brand is putting operations on hold as the anomaly lingered. In 2017, the crisis was accountable for approximately 3% sales of KFC’s international brand, and it served as a commercial change for the fast food company.

The legendary chicken supplier controls 900 KFC chains within Ireland and UK alone. It opened a new delivery deal with DHL on the 14th of February, ditching its former delivery firm, Bidvest Logistics. Not quite long afterward, the restaurant shut down a huge number of its branches in the UK because of what it called “teething” issues in the DHL system.

According to a representative for Yum, 98% of England’s KFC chains are still open to the public, but at present, they are also facing a shortage of gravy. However, the anonymous representative declined any comment concerning the loss of money that KFC might be facing.

Yum putting operations on hold

He explained that the current distribution glitches being experienced by DHL has made some branches to offer restricted menu to customers, however, KFC is aware of the problem and how much people love their sauce more than others prepared by other restaurants, so the company is doing everything within its power to sort it out as soon as possible.

Twitter Posts And Hashtag #Wheresmychicken

The ongoing problem has generated crisis on Twitter as users created the hashtag #Wheresmychicken, and users in both Ireland and UK are clicking on it to be able to locate the closest available KFC branch to their vicinity.

Another post on Twitter from the Whitefield police in Manchester was directed at users who got in touch with the law-enforcement agents, concerning KFC’s inability to provide chicken for its customers. The post warned them to desist from such; rather they should go to KFC’s website which already listed the branch at Prestwich as being available. However, it’s not certain if people are shifting blames on the police for the chicken scarcity at KFC, as nobody was available for comment.

Employee From KFC Buying Chicken In Another Store


In another area, a regular customer at KFC took to Twitter and shared a video clip which showed a surprising incident. Two men who wore complete and customized uniforms with the name of KFC inscribed on them were being filmed. The men were seen purchasing chicken inside one store owned by Asda. When one stranger approached and asked the suspected KFC staff questions about the reason for them to come and buy chicken from another supermarket, he was replied by one of them that all chickens are the same, no differences. He further defended himself and his partner that customers will still enjoy the same quality of chicken from KFC chicken when they go there to place orders.

KFC buying chicken from Asda

The management of DHL and KFC will have to double their efforts in bringing these problems into an end in the two affected regions.

Yum is a subsidiary of KFC which actively interacts with netizens and online clients from time to time. By midday, sales of the brand have risen to 2.8% with $83.31, boosting its shares tremendously.

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