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iPhone Enthusiasts Might be in for a Rude Shock after New iPhone Leak Reveals a Major Problem

There are a few days on the calendar that no doubt make the world come to a standstill. One of them is a new iPhone’s release date. You can almost taste the excitement, right? Despite enthusiasts buzzing excitedly for Apple’s upcoming set of phones, it seems that all might not be fine and dandy as was anticipated.

That’s right.

As a matter of fact, one of Apple’s largest partners has affirmed that there is a major insurmountable issue behind the scenes.

The revelation first unearthed by CNet discovered that George Davis, the financial chief of Qualcomm, utilized the earnings of the company to unearth the fact that Apple has gone for starkly inferior hardware components in the design process of their upcoming set of phones.

The Modem affair

In a statement, Davis deduces that Apple’s intention is to specifically target the modems of Qualcomm’s competitors rather than theirs; which he believes are vastly superior in the market.

The competitor in question is Intel. In fact, quite a number of independent tests have affirmed that Qualcomm modems provide superior 3G/4G activity and performance as compared to the latter.

The bitter legal battle between Qualcomm and Intel took an unexpected turn when Apple opted to select Intel modems in their future phones, bringing to an end the fruitful relationship that saw iPhone users benefit from faster internet download speeds

Indeed, this is observed in two lateral user tests performed on both T-Mobile and At&T networks. The study in question experiments on the download speeds of 500,000 user tests and 570,000 user tests respectively. The results were staggering. In both networks, typical download speeds were observed to increase by 53-68% when users switched from an Intel to a Qualcomm modem. While the poorest download speeds were observed to increase by a whopping 97-192%!

Such vast numbers are certainly raising eyebrows

Why the unprecedented move?

It stems from a legal perspective. At the current moment, Qualcomm and Apple are involved in an acrimonious court battle regarding infringements over royalty and patent disagreements.

In turn, they have opted to say their goodbyes; and it looks like everyone, especially the die-hard iPhone enthusiasts, will lose out.

Plus it’s only going to get worse with 5G close at hand. As a matter of fact, Qualcomm is poised to launch its pioneer 5G modem for smartphones sometime this year. With Intel’s release lagging by a year. Rendering iPhone users the ‘unfortunate bunch’ in the smartphone fraternity.

Tainted expectations

The revelation proves to be a thorn in the side for the highly revered release of Apple’s latest smartphone range. This includes the second-gen iPhone X which comes with a 5.8-inch screen, the iPhone X Plus at 6.5, and last but not least, the budget iPhone X which most fans have coined it as the ‘iPhone 9.’

Independent tests have shown that Apple phones are trailing both Google and Samsung devices when it comes to internet speeds, rendering iPhone users the question, ‘is the new iPhone really worth it?’

Despite the surprising changes, a section of iPhone fanatics has come out to defend the new direction that Apple has taken. It’s better to call it quits in a bitter relationship than to stick out for the kids because it could get messier down the road. Yes, users will have to deal with the new compromises, but the Apple-Qualcomm debacle looks unsolvable for now. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the new iPhones are set to be significantly cheaper than their predecessors.

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