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Here’s Why Texans Consider H-E-B as THE BEST US Grocery Store

Big companies like Target, Trader’s Joe, and Whole Foods are among the top choices for American shoppers. These giant companies have become our favorite go-to stores when it comes to shopping our household and grocery items.

However, that isn’t the case when it comes to the Texans. They favor H-E-B above everything else. Interestingly, it seems Texans have a basis for their preferences because H-E-B hails as the third best US grocery store in the latest annual shoppers’ survey.

H-E-B on the Spotlight

Tejano Queen Fans Stood in Long Queue to Buy H-E-B’s Limited Edition Selena Tote Bags

This century-old grocery store, with over 340 branches across Mexico and Texas, has been providing an excellent shopping experience to its loyal shoppers. However, the store landed in the spotlight after they launched a limited edition bag featuring the famous Tejano Queen singer,  the late Selena, for only $2! Thousands of Texans, especially the Tejano Queens fans, woke up early last week and rushed to different locations to secure their own Selena Tote bags. As of 4:15 pm on the same day, H-E-B announced that the limited-edition bags were already sold out to all of their branches.

What It’s Like To Shop at H-E-B?

While it’s a no-brainer that Texans patronize H-E-B stores, you might be wondering what the store can offer to you as a non-Texan shopper. Here’s what you should expect when shopping at an HEB store:

They Produce Healthy Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Texans claim that their selection of fresh fruits and vegetables is perfect people who are tying to live a healthy life

Unlike any other grocery stores, H-E-B’s produce section caters more than 1000 items of fruits and vegetables to choose from. This gives you an opportunity to create some variation in your diet as you get to try other exotic foods you’ve never eaten before.

Meat or Seafood Lover? They get you covered

Meat lovers are certainly not disappointed too because H-E-B stores only provide natural and organic meat products that are healthy to eat. The company gets their meat supply from a local farmers market. This high-quality meat is also reasonably-priced and it usually comes with a free drink on the side. If you’re a seafood lover, the store also provides a special pantry to cater your needs. You can choose from a vast array of fish, lobsters, and shellfish to concoct your favorite seafood menu.

Want a Custom-made Cake?

Are you fond of eating bread? Well, bread lovers can now enjoy shopping on its fresh bakery section. The bakers produce bread every day so rest assured that you’re only eating the best and delicious bread. They also provide a personalized and customized cake tailored to your specific events and occasions.

Support Local Products

You can support your local community by buying locally-made Texas products

What makes this store unique from its competitors is that it’s not only doing pure business. The company aims to promote local products of Texas as well, helping the Texas community thrive. They stock their pantry mostly with local Texas products like chips, special barbecue sauces, and your favorite condiments and snack items from Whataburger.

Food For People With Autoimmune diseases

Are you a lactose intolerant? Gluten-intolerant? Do you have peanut allergies? Most people with autoimmune diseases have a hard time picking foods because of their allergies, but not when they’re in H-E-B.  This store is known to provide specific foods for people who have allergies. They produce non-lactose milk and dairy products for lactose-intolerant and vegans. Gluten-free foods and substitutions are also available in the pantry. You can now make peace with foods and enjoy eating without endangering your health.

Make Your Own Pizza

The store also has a cafe in which people can chill and relax after a productive day of shopping. Their cafe features artistic sandwiches and healthy salads that puts other cafes to shame. Its bestselling food is the DIY pizza which lets you pick fresh Italian ingredients.

Not only that, but you can also pick and cook your own BBQ food! These are available via dining in or takeout. Don’t forget to pair it with a glass of your favorite wine!

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