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Why Pizza Hut Isn’t The World’s Biggest Pizza Seller Anymore

When we hear the word “Pizza’, the first thing that comes to our mind is Pizza Hut. This company became a trademark as the world’s best and biggest pizza seller. Their product offers so many rich flavors that we have grown to love. Our night out with friends won’t be complete without ordering our favorite pizza hut as a finish. It became the favorite snack of our lives. However, it seems Pizza Hut is being dethroned as the world’s biggest pizza seller because of a powerful rival set to dethrone a pizza seller giant. Let’s read and find out!

Domino Overthrows Pizza Hut As the World’s Best Pizza Seller!

Domino is Now the World's Biggest Pizza Food Chain In Terms of Retail Sales

Domino is Now the World’s Biggest Food Chain In Terms of Retail Sales

This company based in Ann Arbor, Mich just claimed the title of the “World’s Largest Pizza Seller”, beating its main rival, Pizza Hut in the process. Moreover, it also overthrows the giant company as the best company in Plano Texas, in which the latter claimed their home. Domino also reported that they hailed as the number 1 ranking. They only gained around $12.03 billion of sales. Moreover, Domino currently holds around 14,400 store branches around the world. And this is just the beginning because Domino plans to continue their expansion and world domination!

The Analysts Already Expected this rising Trend of Domino

The secret behind Domino’s success is its digital innovation. The Domino company take advantage of the technology we’re using today. In order to beat their competitors, they offer convenience when it comes to pizza delivery that no other brands had done in the past. It developed an app which can be used by their customers to track their orders. They even experimented a driverless delivery feature, which was deemed as a huge success.

Domino CEO Was Pleased About the Company's Sale Performance

Domino CEO Was Pleased About the Company’s Sale Performance

Because of this, Domino company had been attracting a large number of customers, mainly the younger customers who are tech-savvy, which caused the Pizza Hut company to lose its customers. Domino also expanded their app  tracking system and driverless delivery to the international market. In 2017, the company alone had opened more than 1000 stores in the United States along with 829 stores opened internationally.

Brief History on How the Domino Company Started

The company started as a small and startup company in 1960, with only one store located in Ypsilanti, Mich. It was first called DomiNicks and founded by the real-life brothers James and Tom Monaghan. Their initial capital was only $500 and they later rebranded it as Domino’s. Doyle, who managed the company for more than eight years, had announced that he will step down from his position. Richard Allison, who was the president of Domino International, said to be the one to replace him. At that time, he said that he envisioned Domino becoming the world’s top seller before he ended his reign. It seems he has the tongue of an angel because a few months later, his wish came true.

Pizza Hut Is Testing Out New Services, Promos, and Features to Regain Their Title Back

The giant company was aware that Domino, their competitor, was gaining a competitive advantage because they’ve attracted a large fanbase of millennials and young working adults because the convenience of their product incorporated with digital innovation such as the app itself. That is why, they’re trying out new services, features, and even promo to attract their younger customers back. Some of the features they’re rolling out is an eat all you can buffet restaurants which let their customers to dine and enjoy dinner aside from eating their favorite snack.

Pizza Hut Got Overthrown As The World's Biggest Pizza Seller!

Pizza Hut Got Overthrown As The World’s Biggest Seller!

Their newly appointed CEO said  that they’re getting a lot of demand for the dine-in restaurant services. This prompts the popular  food chain to open up opportunities to grant their customer’s wishes. Moreover, they’ve also started up offering slice orders to attract their younger customers in ordering their favorite snack at an affordable amount. Since not all students can afford to buy a whole box, Pizza Hut is hopeful that this will help increase their sales. Each slice of pizza only costs around $2-$3. 

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