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How Can Amazon Help Your Online Business Grow Tremendously?

Starting a new business can be daunting. There are a million different things to do from developing a business strategy, contacting suppliers and managing inventory to setting up a website, online marketing and handling payments and shipments – you’re already having second thoughts, aren’t you? Luckily, you can use a larger e-commerce platform like Amazon as a leverage to navigate the success of your online business.

Using Amazon to Handle Orders and Payments

Fulfillment by Amazon ensures that all logistical processes of your business are taken care of

Amazon is a vast platform where you can sell something that you’ve manufactured yourself or a product that has been sourced from somewhere else as a merchant for a small referral fee paid every month to the ecommerce website – think of the money you pay as rent for using a small space on the website to sell your products. Amazon works in several different ways to help small business owners thrive in such a competitive environment.

It fulfills all your customer orders, takes payments and handles shipments and deliveries. Of course, you could handle orders yourself if you’re not willing to pay the fee but, the amount you’d spend on storing inventory and handling orders is going to cost you far more than what Amazon charges, not to forget the valuable time you’d be losing in looking after the logistics of your business wen you could be focusing on growth.

Leveraging Amazon’s Reputation to Sell Your Product

Millions of people visit Amazon every day to buy products from hundreds of different niches

Amazon has already built a reputation as the leading ecommerce website that people trust and buy from. If you were to start a new business independently, you would have to spend a lot of money and time in marketing your products and building brand recognition, but if you’re smart about your business and want to make maximum profit without incurring marketing expenses, you can leverage Amazon’s reputation to sell your products.

This way, you’re exposing yourself to the millions of people that visit Amazon every day looking for the products in the same niche that you’re selling. However, relying solely on Amazon for marketing will not help you make the sales. Depending on how saturated your niche is, you will have competitors who have been in the business for years and have developed a reputation on the website. These sellers will often show up on the top pages of Amazon whenever someone types a keyword in the search bar that matches the description of your product.

In order to get featured on the first page, you will need a great marketing strategy that goes beyond the ecommerce platform. One of the biggest strategies most sellers use to raise their ranking on the search results is by soliciting as many positive reviews from customers as possible. You can offer your customers various incentives for leaving feedback on your listing such as including a personalized note inside their delivery, including freebies or giving discounts.

Creating a Product Listing on the Ecommerce Website

Use attractive photos and specific headline for your product listing

You can also use Amazon before starting a business in order to find out which product will sell the best. You can observe the trends on the website, look for emerging markets that have less competition and growing demand and enter a niche that you think will be profitable. Once you’ve decided on a product that you believe will be a best-seller, contacted a supplier and received your inventory, its time to create a listing for your product.

When creating the title for the listing, it’s important to be specific about the details of the item you’re selling. Mention the model number, year, colors available and any other specifications that apply to your product.

You may also want to include any important keywords that potential customers may use to look up the product in Amazon’s search box. Don’t be hasty while creating the listing and use your marketing knowledge to create a product description that will actually compel people to buy from you. Most sellers also include an FAQ section inside their listing to answer any questions that potential buyers may have about the item. The visual component of your listing is definitely one of the best ways to pull in the potential customers. Make sure to include high quality images and videos of your product that are unique and authentic.

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