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Button Being Tested By Facebook Is Not ‘Dislike’

Facebook is still in the process of changing so many things on its site, the recent one being its trial and error testing of the dislike button on members’ timelines. The dislike button serves the purpose of downvoting contents or posts some members may find inappropriate or offensive.

Facebook testing its dislike button.

Will Facebook Create Dislike Button Or Not? 

The members of the community have been clamoring for such feature from Facebook for as long as one can remember the inception of the social media network. Interestingly, some people think that Facebook is on the verge of granting that wish, or we can say that it’s working towards executing it. The information going round indicated that the site had developed its dislike button adaptation, and it’s exactly the way you want it or perhaps, almost the same specifications as the one you’ll be expecting. So the developers are trying out its modalities. However, there is a report that the downvote replica is not what Facebook is working on.

It is not yet confirmed whether Facebook will create dislike button or not.

On the contrary, those who want the dislike feature on their timelines may find this report discouraging, because, in reality, that version the social media giant is now trying out on a few selected profiles does not stand for a dislike menu in any way, very different entirely.

Facebook Is Creating Something Similar To A Downvote From Reddit

According to a reliable source, Facebook is working on something similar to the downvote feature found on Reddit, although the feature will work on its supposed responsibility. Either way, it’s different from the typical dislike feature you are waiting for. For Reddit’s downvote option, members have the chance to show their disapproval for posts or comments they find inappropriate and unacceptable.

In order for the Facebook community to remain peaceful, and rid of any form of unhealthy interactions, transactions, and untoward behavior, the management is eager to innovate devices of harmony and sanity. The website said in a release recently published, that the ‘dislike’ button is a means of security to cross-check unacceptable comments or posts. The button will enable members to pass across a message directly to the site if they notice a post or announcements that are unacceptable if such post contains falsehood and deceptive messages.

Mark Zuckerberg

On a contrary opinion, Facebook is saying that it’s not developing a dislike button for some tech pros are insinuating. This defense was also raised in a meeting with Tech Crunch. The management of Facebook asserted that the tested adaptation is different from a dislike feature: “What we are working on is completely different from a dislike feature.”

The Management Of Facebook Confirmed They Work On Something Entirely Different

The spokesperson for Facebook said the team is looking at how to develop a function which the members can use to send reports directly to Facebook about unsafe comments posted in the general public walls. Presently, the feature is only testing the version on a few selected profiles of members residing in America.

If we can recall, in 2015, the social media network commenced testing features that depicted emotional expressions which the members of the community can use to show how they feel when they read posts and comments that call for such responses. However, the management refused to build a dislike feature, saying that was the least addition they will ever implement.

Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Believe That Dislike Button Would Help Users

Speaking further on this subject, the chief executive and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, took his stand, saying that people were insisting on having a dislike feature, in order for them to perhaps condemn people’s posts, but Facebook isn’t budging for anything. He doesn’t believe that such innovation will help the social media network and its users in any way. He explained that the management has deliberated on other effective ways the users can show their emotional sides while socializing freely on the social network.

Zuckerberg believes there are a lot of different ways for users to express their feelings on Facebook

The only thing left to be done now is to be patient and watch what Facebook has in store.

A dislike button enables users of a social media platform to show disapproval or disdain for a post or comment that has traces of deception and falsehood. However, not every post disliked are bad, some users may click on the dislike feature just because they have personal issues with the poster, so using the dislike button will be their way of marking their presence.

Facebook is guiding against this kind of activity that can cause disharmony in the community, and that is the reason it doesn’t want to develop it in the first place.

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