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BBC’s Augmented Reality App Recreates The World’s Historical Treasures

They say that in order for us to move forward and create a brighter future, we must learn to remember the past and learn from its long-enduring lessons. That’s why, as much as possible, we try to preserve our ancient ruins and historical, national treasures that depict the origin and the ancient times of mankind.

However, because of the new era that is dawning and our modern age, these historical sites are in danger of extinction. Most landmass nowadays is being converted to high buildings, skyscrapers, and towers which caters the commercial and business district of a certain area. Almost all of the heritage sites we have are now being converted to commercial sites. How can we still preserve these historical treasures? Good thing that virtual or augmented reality now exists!

BBC Just launched a New App that Enables the Recreation of the World’s Historical Treasures

Experience Learning History Like Never Before

Experience Learning History Like Never Before

Thanks to the development of technology, we can now restore the digital image of our historical sites and treasures through Virtual Reality.  It’s not surprising that BBC already expressed some interests in VR, and that they’re actively and heavily involved with the technology. In fact, they already launched several VR products such as 360 videos, A VR Spacewalk, among other things.  And now, the BBC company is stepping up the game by venturing to AR or augmented reality. And just this morning, the BBC announced that it will be launching a new AR app that will serve as a companion app to their Civilization series, which is also set to launch this coming Spring BBC2.

The said series will tackle and go deep into the British culture as well as its rich history. It’ll explore the significant ancient artifacts, artworks, and magnificent architecture throughout the century until the present time. The series app will also be updated that it’ll fit and captivate the attention of the younger generation and address their interests. The companion app which will feature the AR will be used by the players to explore virtual recreations, tour the historical sites, and discover artifacts through their phones.

The Director-General of BBC, Tony Hall, wanted us to retain our humanity by remembering what lies in our identity as well as what makes us human. They want to instill in our mind, especially the youth which is our future, the importance of knowing and discovering our rich culture and history despite this fast-changing, evolving world. The BBC want to leave a lifelong legacy of cultural enrichment and preservation that the younger, future generations will get to explore and enjoy in the next years and centuries to come.

BBC’s AR App Will Feature Some of the World’s Most Astounding Historical Sites and Treasures of Mankind

The exhibit will feature the infamous Egyptian mummy, the Pyramids, Torquay Museum, as well as the Rodin’s Kiss from the Museums of Wales. Aside from that, it will also feature the Umbrian Madonna and Child from Scotland’s National Museum. These are just the first national treasures the app will be discovering. The users will experience an interactive exploration as they go through artifacts and uncover layers of history. This app is a perfect opportunity for VR gamers and AR enthusiasts to delve more into the technology. Aside from that, this will also be considered as one of the excellent resources for aspiring archaeologists and historians to pursue their knowledge and study as they go through their academic course.

So if you’re an aspiring archaeologist or a historian, then we encourage you to look out for its official launching in the next upcoming weeks both in iOS and Android phones. This will help you gain more knowledge about our past and explore the art and civilization of the ancient times.  The app will enable you to have a near reality experience by exploring with these artifacts on a personal level and let you experience how it is to live in the ancient world. Suffice to say that this can qualify as close as to a time-travel concept. Are you excited to download the app? We can’t wait for the app to be launch too! There’s no doubt this will become the next Pokemon Go for treasure hunters.

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