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Apple Inc. Made an Announcement That Led to Investors Pulling Out

Last August, Apple Inc. became the very first company in the entire world to hit the trillion mark. Founded by the late Steve Jobs in the 70s, this tech company totally changes the game in the world of smartphones and computers. The company’s shares hit $207.5 which sealed the deal and become the first company to hit this milestone after US Steel did it back in 1901 when they became the first billion dollar company in the world.

However, it would seem that things are about to change when Apple officially announced last week that they will stop reporting how many products they have sold each quarter, and that includes all the iPhones, Macs, iPad sales.

Last quarter’s ASP or average selling price was wt $793, which is considered to be a massive jump from $618 last year all thanks to the newly released iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

No More Sales Reports

The company’s CFO Luca Maestri announced this during their Apple’s earnings call earlier this month. This will officially begin when the December quarter hits. This trillion dollar company always breaks down how much they have sold especially with their iPhones. Maestri said in a statement that they have always wanted to make their main objective to be enriching people’ lives and because do that, strong financial reports must follow.

He also stated that the number of iPhones and Macs they sell each quarter does not represent the overall strength of their company. However, he admitted that providing such information will make their investors content and have full trust toward them. They have done this for the past 20 years which helped their market value up.

This totally shocked the business world especially after the latest iPhones becoming more profitable than ever. The most expensive iPhone in the market at the moment is at $1,449 which is the iPhone XS Max. However, they still didn’t manage to meet Wall Street analysts’ expectations last quarter, which led to Tim Cook saying that every single time they launch a product, it always gets affected by the foreign exchange rates.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that even if the iPhone sales slowed down in the previous quarter, the company still made a lot of profit.

The reason why Wall Street analysts and Apple investors wish to know the average selling price of the Apple products is to monitor the financial health of the company. Experts think that Apple decided to make this move because they are anticipating major changes that may include the end of the iPhones.

Neither Apple CEO Tim Cook or any of their executives revealed other reasons for their sudden decision, which is making more of their investors anxious that led to some of them pulling out. Analyst Piper Jaffray also said that Apple may be doing this to change the focus and navigate it towards the service revenue per user instead of the number of sales.

Experts Take On The “New” Apple

Since experts believe that the trillion dollar company has finally reached its peak, it is now trying to turn into another direction with its profitability and success measures. It is obviously no longer the kind of tech company that the world has seen years ago, it has become a tradition for some people to wait for the new Apple iPhones every single year so that, they could replace their old ones. However, Apple no longer wants to give people that effect, they want more than just that.

Experts could not help but wonder if Apple may be hiding something or if it is just a new strategic move. Investors panicked when Apple revealed their desires to stop providing units for their products. According to analyst Timothy O’Shea, this decision may be based on Tim Cook’s desire to conceal softer sales in the next few years, since for the first time in history, they will disclose services gross margin which is the stock’s potential catalyst.

Apple’s goal was not met when the only managed to sell 46.89 million iPhones during last quarter, instead of 47.5 million.

Wall Street analysts like Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bernstein, Goldman Sachs, and more all have different thoughts regarding this recent and massive move from one of the biggest companies in the world.

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