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Major Career Moves That Can Make You Ready When Robots Take Over

With technology taking over the world way quicker than most people expect, it is getting even more difficult to adapt especially if tech is not your passion. Most of the most in-demand jobs of today has got to do with having a knowledge with tech and soon more and more companies would make advanced technology knowledge a key requirement to getting the job.

Most people think that there are careers that will never go away since everyone needs it, such as being a lawyer, a teacher, a doctor, and more. However, there are careers that can easily evolve and might be gone in the near future because of the advanced technology slowly taking over. Turns out that in order to be prepared, there are still ways to avoid sudden unemployment or how you can prepare for this if you are still thinking of a career choice.

Experts believe that the tech industry will continue to grow and so the most in-demand jobs will most likely involve thinkers and problem solvers who are experts in the field.

Avoiding Unemployment

Most people think that the best possible way to avoid unemployment is to find other jobs, but the only way you’ll be qualified to do other jobs is if you have certain skills. Based on the recent article from the Harvard Business Review, in order to be suitable for almost every job, you to study the areas that involve being imaginative and versatile.
Almost every job requires their employees to have such creative and innovative minds.

Writers, painters, and even actors cannot simply be replaced by machines since it requires the ability to imagine and simply express that imagination or feeling. Begin creative will let you go a long way and this could also get you a job in certain companies such as in the marketing department or advertising.

Another requirement that will certainly let you go far is by being flexible, not exactly literally but more on being able to adapt to anything. Machines may be programmed into doing things but they can’t exactly be programmed to change the way it was meant to work. Being able to adapt to different environments in any career is a must especially if you think you chose a career path that may be at risk of being taken over by machines. As early as now try to have as much experience when it comes to different things because it is literally the best teacher.

3d rendering humanoid robot working with headset and monitor

Future-Proof Careers

According to the most recent studies, millennials are choosing professions that are considered to be future-proof, or the type of careers that will least likely be taken over by pieces of machinery. Although, not everyone is certain whether robots will take over their jobs or not. Some experts believe that this may not happen in the next 10 years since the advanced technology is till pretty new and still being explored by experts but the possibility of it happening is massive.

The fear for the unknown never helps anybody, which makes more and more people feel that they need to be prepared on how they will be able to adapt to the major changes that will happen in the near future. In the most recent report from the number one job website in the world, they get more than 200 million visitors every single month and that allows them to have an insight on what kind of jobs are and will be more in-demand.

The knowledge and ability of a chef will most likely be something that machines cannot copy, as well as doctors and other health professionals. That is because creativity, as well as experience, cannot be cheated or copied and to top it all off, not any machine can be made that will have any passion for what they are supposed to do.

There are still so many things that robots cannot do, but keep in mind that nothing is impossible so it is always ideal to be prepared to be able to adapt easier. Massive changes are part of life so it always has to be accepted with an open mind or else you may be left behind.

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