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How to Invest In Yourself and In Your Career

Some employers make it their commitment to invest in their own employees to help them grow in their respective careers. Some employers will even go the extra mile to offer advanced education opportunities, letting them attend trainings, seminars and industry events.

However, if you find your employer not giving you any room to grow, do not be disheartened. If anything, your career and growth development is solely within your own hands. It’s not too late to build a concrete plan to advance in your career. Here are some ways you can invest in your own career according to professional mentors.

Evaluate Yourself

Before you start on investing in yourself, the experts recommend you should evaluate first where your career currently stands to align it in your goals.

If you’re unsatisfied with your current job or career, it’s important to evaluate yourself first and list down your goals, skills, strengths, and weakness. Listing them down will help you narrow down and identify the key areas where you want to improve yourself.

For example, you might want to pursue your passion for art, so it’s imperative to build connections in the art industry or join art clubs to immerse yourself. By identifying your goals and aligning the right skills for it, you can meet more people through networking to be closer in advancing your career.

Get a New Certification or a Degree.

The career experts also recommend you check if your company offers any tuition assistance as this can help you pursue or advance your education.

Do you want to advance your career or have a passion for teaching and mentoring? You can pursue your education by getting an MBA or a master’s degree. You can apply for a master’s education either in a school or university.

If you only want to specialize in a specific field (like mastering a certain programming language), you can take various certifications to get a licensure or specialty. What’s great is that any certifications and degrees nowadays can now be earned online. You just have to look for the best online school with good perks and pricing options out there that fits your budget.

Learn a Valuable Skill

Are you interested in baking, cooking, coding, or maybe even learn a new language that is important in advancing your career? You can improve yourself by investing in a new skill. You can take an online course to learn a new skill every weekend or whenever you have free time while you continue working.

According to career experts, you need to invest in new skill since it might be the only way to keep up with the market’s changing demands. Sometimes it’s also the only way for you to land that promotion you’ve been dreaming of according to the career mentors.

Attend a Conference or Trade Show

According to the experts, mingling with like-minded people enables you to focus on your goals.

If you don’t have a budget yet to fund your education, the experts recommend you attend conferences and trade shows to improve your learning. You can listen to successful people and influencers in your field or industry for free.

Aside from that, attending these networking events give you the opportunity to meet people and build connections which might be the key in advancing your career. These successful people can offer tips and hacks to pursue your education or to overcome any challenges you have which stall your career progress.

Think Outside the Box

Another way of improving yourself and advancing your career is exploring the things that used to scare you, or make you uncomfortable. For example, you might have considered becoming a public speaker or a teacher beyond your abilities.

But if you open your mind and try working on improving your skills, you’ll end up opening yourself in a vast number of career opportunities. This might seem like a scary thing to do, but sometimes you need to take a leap of faith and change if you want to improve yourself according to the career mentors.

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