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Unveiled: The REAL Secret Behind Your Next Big Career Move

Does your current job make you miserable? Are you stuck in an 9 to 5 job cycle every single day? Do you wish you could have more control and flexibility with your time? Do you want to balance your work and social life? If you belong in this group of people,  the thought of making a career move might’ve crossed your mind more than once. Whether you want to get a new job, a new side project, or start a business, here are the secrets of acing your next big career move!

Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

The problem why we get stuck in a miserable job is because we tend to limit our abilities and skills in one field. And if we ever fail in our own chosen field, we feel like it’s the end of our world. What you didn’t know is that there are still tons of jobs options available for you. Who knows, you might end up being successful in a field you’ve never wished to be part of before.

That’s why we encourage you to think outside the box and explore other options that might be waiting for you. Do you want to start a business? Why don’t you start working on it now? We don’t mean though that you should quit your job right away.

A great way to change your career is to start building your dream business

You can start by testing the waters and treat it like a sideline first. Spend an hour or two in developing new ideas. Start with a small capital to see if your business will click to your target audience. And if it does, then that’s the time you can quit your job and start going full-time with your own project.

If you’re looking for a new job that’s not in line with what you usually do, try to engage yourself in a part-time job or side project first. See if the new job fits with your preference. If you find yourself acing it and you’re happy with it, then you can shift your career by going full-time.

Build Your Professional Network

Thanks to the power of social media, it’s now easier to find and build your professional network. You can create an account on LinkedIn and connect with like-minded influencers in your chosen industry. The more you connect with industry leaders, the easier you can position yourself to create more job options in the future.

Try entering the Gig Economy

Freelancing enables you to work within the comfort of your home

If you want a change from your usual office job working hours, try entering the gig economy. Gig economy is a new emerging workforce in the online world. By taking online jobs, you can develop your skills, learn new abilities to position yourself globally. What’s more important, you get the chance to work with different clients and business partners around the world. Last but not least, the greatest perk is that the gig economy enables you to control your time. You can now build your online portfolio easily by signing up on LinkedIn, Upwork, and other available online job portals.

Develop Your Soft Skills

You already possess the hard skills and working experience you needed to succeed in your career. But why is it you’re still failing? The reason to that might lie in your soft skills. No matter how good you are at work, if you don’t develop your soft skills such as effective communication, building professional working relationships with your co-workers, active collaboration, and ability to handle pressure, then you’ll most likely end up quitting your job. Why? It’s because you don’t possess the resilience to survive in a harsh environment that every normal workspace is.

We advise you to practice your soft skills so that you can quickly adapt to your changing work environment. Remember, if you’re resilient to changes, you’ll most likely survive in your career, no matter how tough the job is.

Pursue Your Dream Job

Steve Jobs once said that you should live your own life, not becoming someone else

Do you have a dream job? Why don’t you start pursuing it now? If you still end up being miserable with your current job, it’s time for you to pursue what makes you happy and content. Most successful people in the world like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Oprah took that leap of faith to follow their dreams and passions. And where did that lead them? Their dream jobs enabled them to reach the prime of their success.

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