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Target Just Recalled its Popular Summer Wear and Here are All the Details

Target’s latest batch of Piping’s ‘wave thongs’ were selling like hot cakes these past few weeks but the retail giant has just pulled the product from its shelves amidst growing safety concerns followed by a total recall of all products sold, the store’s second product recall in just one week!

Target recently pulled the Piping’s ‘wave thongs’ from the market after customers raised concerns about the product’s safety

Target Activity Tracker Recall

The news comes just days after Target pulled the plug on its Slimline Activity and Sleep Tracker, a popular fitness band that was designed to track the sleep patterns and daily activity of users. The product was aimed at a fitness-oriented customer base especially after the monumental rise in popularity of wearable fitness technology which enticed Target to come up with its own wearable fitness device which would complement the other fitness related products and services offered by the company in its stores to health and safety conscious customers.

The fitness band was introduced in Australia at the start of July 2017 and was a relative success across the country; however, cases of skin burn and skin irritation started to surface soon after the launch, prompting Target to announce a total recall of the product to avoid any further physical or legal problems.

The users of the fitness band were instructed to immediately stop using the product and return it at their nearest target store as soon as possible to get a full refund. Industry experts believe that potentially unsafe consumer goods should be deemed illegal to avoid physical damage.

They also applauded measures taken by Target saying that companies are reactive in most cases and usually wait for a sufficient number of negative customer reports before taking the necessary actions whereas ideally products like these should be outlawed before anybody is harmed.

Recall Month

It’s safe to assume that these past few months have not been great for the retail store who issued a recall of frozen products sold at a store in Hawaii earlier this year citing that the products had not been suitably stored in a controlled temperature environment, leading to potential spoilage of the food items.

The announcement came after the company was made aware of a potential malfunctioning of the temperature apparatus used to control the temperature of food items being shipped to Hawaii, following which the company took necessary actions, even employing the services of external bodies like USDA and FDA to crack down on the food items sold from the particular store.

The Target recall saga does not end just there; just last month the store was forced to recall its range of $10 baby clothes amidst fear of broken parts and substandard manufacturing material. The part in question was the zipper used in the manufacturing of clothes that was broken and could potentially result in choking or physical harm to kids. The clothes were offered in the form of $10 onesie for kids ranging from age 12 to 18 months and all of the products in this category were affected.

According to a press release by the company, the design of the thong ranging from sizes 6 to 13 was not in accordance with the company’s quality standards

Sad Day for Piping ‘Hot Wave” Thong Enthusiasts

The recall of the widely popular Piping Hot Wave thongs is the latest in the Target recall saga and has proven to be upsetting for a lot of target fans, especially considering that summer in Australia is right around the corner.

According to a press release by the company, the design of the thong ranging from sizes 6 to 13 was not in accordance with the company’s quality standards and there was a risk of slippage due to the design of the sole surface. The design and surface of the sole was deemed insufficient with regards to the provision of adequate grip during travel and activity, with users at risk of slipping and falling.

The product has been pulled from the store shelves with a recall in immediate effect and the company has warned users to stop wearing the thongs as soon as possible. The customers are directed to contact their nearest target stores to return their purchased products and receive a full refund. In case of lost receipt, Target insists that customers who are unable to produce proof of purchase at the time of returning are still entitled to a full refund.

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