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Is It Possible to Start a Business on a Shoestring Budget?

Today, starting a business is easier than ever. We have much to be thankful due to the prevalence of the internet, smartphones, and numerous apps at our disposal. Before these things became part of our culture, it was difficult for new entrepreneurs to gain traction in their areas of interest without spending a fortune.

During the early years, websites were quite dear to develop; television advertising was strictly for those who were leading high-end lives and custom-made software was almost unheard of. At present, we have access to all these amenities and then some more. For literally every aspiring entrepreneur, all the world’s a stage waiting for us to make a conquest.

Having a hobby is a great way to start any business. Doing something one likes is sure fire to ensure that even when things aren’t quite rosy from a monetary perspective, the drive is always there.

77 percent of small businesses rely on personal savings for their initial funds

The very fact that the internet has provided a platform and necessary incentive for anyone to establish their brand out there means that space is quickly shrinking. Numerous other entrepreneurs have already laid out plans for world domination. The longer we wait, the less chances we have to take the world by storm. Thankfully, most of the people making business ventures aren’t well-versed with new rules necessary to establish themselves. That’s where we step in to give out a couple of pointers.


Incorporating a company is quite essential. A limited liability corporation (LLC) is quite easy to register. All it takes is about 100 bucks and a good internet connection without really needing any legal advice from anyone.

Registering a company as a limited liability corporation helps insulate oneself from the humongous initial cost and the ongoing fees and time of typical C-corporations. This means that one can keep legal and financial liabilities away from their personal assets.

Don’t Wait

Having two founders significantly improves chances of business success due to improved cash flow and fewer chances of scaling up prematurely

When contemplating whether to start a business, never delay because of a lack of funding. Starting is always the first step necessary in order to unlock any future prospects one may have about establishing a proper business model. A good business needs to have a solid plan detailing achievable milestones.

Once the groundwork is done, investors are bound to come flowing in. Having absolute control and an understanding of the tenets necessary own and run a business are the most essential things.


Renting out office space is quite essential when one is looking to keep an inventory of everything that is ongoing. However, renting out spaces and hiring accountants can be quite hard to do when one is on a shoestring budget.

To help mitigate such issues, one should attempt to use accounting packages like QuickBooks, which is easily available. The software is also quite handy since it can run on virtually any laptop or desktop machine.


Without patenting our excellent business ideas, they remain to be just that, excellent business ideas. Patenting gives us the leeway to make money out of our ideas without the threat of competitors stealing and selling them of as their own using their well-established networks.

The good thing about patents is that it does not take too much time. Patents can easily be completed online by visiting the U.S Patent & Trademark Office for a couple of hundred dollars.

Social Media Marketing

As many as 27 million Americans are currently starting or running new businesses

We can all get to use the power of Social Media advertising to our benefit with great ease. Numerous sites like Facebook, Twitter, and blog sites allow the dissemination of information to millions of people. If one is looking to build his/her own website, he/she can make utility of tools like Shopify that allow the creation of online stores to sell goods.

Of course, it would be prudent for one to access their budget before embarking on any marketing campaign online. As a rule of thumb, we should always make sure that our businesses are actively generating revenue before we decide to start spending money to fund such initiatives.

The current internet craze has led to the establishment of gig economies where people are able to market their trades online. This has seen a slight departure from the conventional employment modes of month-end salaries and hourly-based employment.

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