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eBikes Will Now Be Used By UPS for Delivery Around Seattle Area

For years now, UPS or the United Parcel Service has been trusted by many people when it comes to delivering their packages. Usually, when you’re expecting a package, you would want to receive it as early as possible.

However, there are times that delivery vehicles are in trucks and if you are living in the city, a delay should be expected because of the usual heavy traffic. UPS has now thought of a way on how exactly they would be able to beat the growing traffic congestion; to use electric bikes for a more convenient and eco-friendly way of delivering packages.

UPS is one of the first multinational package delivery services in the United States to ever use an electric bicycle for delivering service to meet urban challenges

UPS Tests Their New eBike Delivery System

Last week, UPS officially announced together with the Department of Transportation and Seattle Mayor Durkan, that they would be introducing the innovative pedal-assist cargo e-bikes that has modular trailers with it as an official delivery vehicle. These e-bikes will first make its way to the Pike Place Market, which is known as the historical spot in the city of Seattle.

According to the senior director of maintenance and engineering of UPS, Scott Phillippi, it is no denying that the company has previously launched cycle logistic projects in other major cities in the country, but this is actually the very first time that they have planned something that is meant to help with some of the urban challenges the city is facing. He also said that having to use modular boxes with the e-bikes would technically allow them to expand their delivering capabilities.

As of 2017, the company has over 119,000 vehicles, from bicycles to trailer trucks, all over the world

This was made possible by their partnership with the Department of Transportation in Seattle, wherein they managed to develop an ideal plan for the program. If this project goes well, UPS said that they would be able to expand their route to be able to help with the growing traffic congestion in other cities and to also help reduce carbon emissions. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan even said that their city has always been aiming to continue investing in the future.

UPS, with the help of the Urban Freight of the University of Washington, will be the ones to evaluate how reliable the new e-bike deliveries will be as well as how it will turn out over all for the Seattle infrastructure next year. They are composed of transportation engineers, urban planners, and more. The bikes were designed and made by the Silver Eagle Manufacturing together with Truck Trikes. They are all battery-powered electric motor and the testing will begin this coming 5th of November.

Benefits of eBikes On The Environment

Pedal powered bicycles with an electric motor has got to be one of the most eco-friendly vehicles in the market today. Hence tons of environmental advocates and organizations are giving a thumbs up towards UPS for doing this.

Usual vehicles need gas or diesel in order to run, which then releases so much toxic into the air that it is literally destroying the plane. Experts even said that riding an electric bike for ten minutes instead of using a gas powered vehicle, would save 500 pounds of carbon emissions from being released into air we are all breathing.

Electronic cars are also now making its way to the market since it is not just cool itself, but it is also something that would help the environment. It is also a way to a more innovative and convenient world.

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