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Denholm to Checkmate Musk in Tesla; Analysts React

Robyn Denholm Taking Over From Musk

A reshuffle in the cabinet of Tesla occurred recently and Elon Musk got succeeded by Robyn Denholm. Tesla Inc. made this move to keep an eye on the former boss. The car company selected executives based on the cadre of tech firms. People who are familiar with Denholm described her as a strict person, and she might be the perfect fit for Elon’s volatile nature.

Comments from several industry bigwigs have started to flood in on this development. Scott McNealy, the co-owner and Sun Microsystems Inc. ex-chairman, says Denholm is sensible, friendly and rational. He added that her appointment didn’t surprise him. Elon just needs to pay attention to her, and his administration would be better off.

Her financial knowledge is superb, says an industry observer from Yale.

Who is Robyn Denholm?

55-year-old Robyn Denholm is appointed as Tesla’s new boss, and part of her duties is to bridle Musk. She is to supervise the ambitious electric automobile builder who is in the middle of outrageous financial outspread and prone to depletion in finance. As Tesla recently jubilated over a broken quarter where it shared a post that detailed an unusual profit, a few stakeholders and analysts think that more incremental capital may be required to set the company on a strong foothold.

Heading the advocacy to amend Musk’s extravagance could be complex. Denholm is a prominent member of Tesla’s board, and from 2014 to date, the board has not performed satisfactorily. It could not manage some terrible erratic decisions Musk made in the current summer. Denholm’s new post was facilitated by the pinch Musk underwent when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission caught him due to his unsafe tweets.

Although Denholm’s new role in Tesla is a good step in the right direction, yet other affairs need restructuring, like reshuffling most of its board and employing directors who have manufacturing portfolio, another analyst suggested.

Denholm was working at the accounting and audit services in Arthur Anderson. She quitted her job at the company to start another work in Toyota Motor Corp’s in Australia. as its finance department staff.
Denholm didn’t stop there. In 1996, she went to Sun and remained there for eleven years. She got a role in the computer section of the firm among the top executives.

Eligible choice

47 years old Musk is an exemplary type of founder in Silicon Valley, an odd ambitious man who places paramount concentration on fine products. The lists of chairmen who controlled it were mostly CEOs, or headed strategic positions in other firms. It is rare to find a leader who has a financial experience, but Tesla can make such attribute their strong point: build a good relationship in the industry of financial experts, and that is exactly the area where the company wants to develop.

Meanwhile, some observers view Denholm as someone who is Musk’s tight friend. In September, an agreement was signed by SEC. The agreement insisted that the car-making company empower a board which has been condemned for its unusual tight friendship with Musk.

Denholm ‘s professional history

When she left Sun, she moved to Juniper Network Inc., makers of network equipment. Denholm became the executive vice president as well as the finance and operations chief. She got an edge with her vast experience in technology. Automobiles produced in Tesla frequently receive fresh additions through the over-the-air software refreshes. Tesla’s batteries were sold out to utility firms at increasing rates. She also worked on ABB Ltd. Board, a Swedish-Swiss multinational which has affiliations with companies that sell utilities.

Denholm has a very strict mind, wise and principled, says William F. Meehan, a lecturer who works in Stanford Graduate School of Business and teaches strategic management at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He was also Juniper’s director when Denholm was there.

Elon Musk, former Tesla Chairman.

She came to the biggest phone firm in Australia, Telstra, in January last year, as the chief of operations. She got the role as the CFO on 1st of October. Unfortunately, many were shocked to see her quit the role of CFO within such a short period of time from her appointment. In October, a mouthpiece for the new Tesla’s boss said during an interview with the pressmen in Australia that Denholm’s intention was not to contend with Musk’s position in Tesla.
She is based in Sydney and married with grownup children. People are wondering if she would relocate to California now that she has a new job to do there.

Describing Musk’s successor as an extremely brave woman, Joe Pollard, the sometime chief marketer officer at Telstra, says Denholm is practical. She is passionate about whatever she believes in and can go to any length to see its fruition. He eulogized her personality by saying that she is always after solving problems. She defends customers, workers, and the business.

Similar to Silicon Valley, Australian business environment still need to improve on its gender-equality laws. Denholm is determined to involve more females into male-dominated industries like engineering, science, and technology.University of New South Wales has a scholarship scheme running under her name which she single-handedly created.

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