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This L.A. Abode Was HGTV Star Leanne Ford’s ‘Forever Home’ Until She Realized Something Life-Changing


When HGTV star Leanne Ford decided to take on this renovation project of a house located in Rustic Canyon in Los Angeles, she and her husband planned to make it their “forever home” for their growing family. Leanne and Erik Allen Ford just recently welcomed a baby girl named Ever in March. Things were going smoothly until this realization hit them.

With health officials urging people to shelter-at-home, the Fords practiced social distancing and remained in their new home. However, they realized that they wanted a more relaxed lifestyle and missed being close to their family in friends in Pittsburgh. And so, they decided to move out and head back East. After Leanne wrapped up her dream renovation, she listed it on the market.

Leanne Ford first wanted this house to become their family home

In a feature story that she wrote for the digital magazine Domino, she revealed the details behind this decision. Right after college, Leanne has been living a fast-paced lifestyle and was always on the go. However, these past weeks have made her realize that she didn’t have to keep up that pace and wanted to enjoy family life.
The 38-year-old TV celeb has been keeping busy with various home renovation projects and HGTV shows like Restored by the Fords, A Very Brady Renovation, and Rock the Block. Aside from her TV work, Leanne has recently launched a collaboration with Crate & Barrel for a product line. She has also released a memoir with her brother and co-star Steve Ford titled Work in Progress.
The decision to sell their dream home was a tough choice to make for the couple.

They had never before felt the same level of attachment to a home like they did with this one. She even describes it as a dream with its beautiful neighborhood and privacy of the location. However, the quarantine made Leanne and Erik ask themselves if living there would help them improve, both in their careers and family life, knowing that this new way of life may become the norm. Now, they are ready to move on to a new chapter and a new house.

The Fords moved on from this rustic home and listed it for $4.3M

But before they moved out, Leanne took people to an Instagram Live tour of the home.

The 3,163-square-foot property was listed through Compass’ Diana Braun for $4.3 million. It has a total of 5 bedrooms and five bathrooms spread across its two floors. Built in 1925, the house still gives off a rustic feel thanks to Leanne’s decision to preserve its old vibe.

For her design style, Leann prefers modern aesthetic. However, she made an exception for this project. She decided to embrace the rustic elements and kept the ivy on the brick and the old windows.

The lagoon-like pool over at Leanne’s backyard

One of the most noteworthy features of this house is the living room that was previously added to the place. It was formerly a cottage on a private social club in Lake Arrowhead called The Uplifters. Will Rogers and Walt Disney once visited this country.

However, Leanne’s favorite part of the house would be the backyard. There is a big pool that resembles a lagoon and a courtyard with an alfresco dining spot.

Leanne has achieved her design goals in this house. Now, she is ready to put her magic touch on a new project somewhere else.

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