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Highlights of the IC3 Conference: India Targets 1.4 Million Counselors for its Students

Due to its massive population, India has the largest student concentration in the world, holding at least 350 million students.

As a matter of fact, during the 2018 Annual International Career and College Counseling Conference (IC3), the seminar acknowledged that the country needs a minimum of 1.4 million counselors dabbling in the career advice spectrum. This is in a bid to maintain and raise the standards of student-to-counselor ratio to acceptable global levels.

Career counselors are important in advising students to determine their career path

A successful conference

Additionally, the conference also released their special report titled ‘A World on The Move: Trends in Global Student Mobility’

The said paper was prepared by the Institute of International Education and serves to highlight that even though there is uncertainty in recent global occurrences around the world, there has been an increase in demand for international education, and it is poised to continue to grow in the coming years.

As a matter of fact, the recent conference experienced a 40% increase in attendees. There were over 700 delegates at the conference originating from some of the top high schools and universities throughout North America, Australia, South East Asia, and last but certainly not least, India.

Indeed, the conference had over 100 speakers and spanned nearly 50 sessions, proving it to be an engaging platform for individuals to hold interesting discussions and exchange new opportunities and ideas regarding how to move the educational sector forward.

Moreover, one of the key agendas at the conference was student counseling.

The event was hosted by KICUniv Assist, as well as Ashoka University that was the co-host of the function. The conference spanned 2 days.

Notable content partners

Evolution of the job and career sector is shifting every day, resulting in individuals developing an interest in a greater diversity of jobs

Additionally, some of the content partners of the conference were Cambridge Assessment, NACAC, International Baccalaureate, British Council, College Board, Edu Canada, Education USA, and IIE.

Apart from positive discussions regarding the educational sector, IC3 scholarship recipients of 2018 were also presented and awarded; not to mention the winners of the IC3 award which was conducting its 2nd edition.

Of note is that the winners were 100 counselors who practiced in under-resourced educational institutions throughout the country. The winners were further awarded for their significant and amazing contributions in the world of career counseling.

Moving forward in the right direction

The Conference Chair and Former High School College Counselor, Mr. Ganesh Kohli, commented on the conference, stating that he was happy with the high turnout in participation, as well as all the discourse that took place this year.

Additionally, he praised the launch of the IC3 Institute, reiterating that the institute’s ambition was to establish an active, dedicated, and experienced career counseling department in every educational institution in India.

Kohli added that there had never been a time in India’ educational spectrum that students had the freedom and ability to select the courses that they desire as they do so today.

Guidance on selecting the right career path

That being said, this can also bring about uncertainty in students regarding their career path. Hence, it is essential that these students get access to career counseling and be provided with the right coaching and guidance in their career path.

In fact, students need as much coaching and guidance regarding the myriad of disciplines that they are exposed to while they are in school.

Kholi also states that if India is looking to realize the full spectrum of its demographic dividend, then there has to be at least one counselor attending to 250 students in all parts of the country.

Karthik Krishnan, Global CEO of Britannica Group, U.S., commented on the positive momentum that IC3 has resulted in since its inception in the Asian community.

Investing in career counseling

For years, career counseling has been an underdeveloped arm of education in the region. However, with the massive revolution in the dynamics of the job model in the 21st Century, coupled with the evolution of technology in the job sector, the importance of career counseling cannot be downplayed.

Hence, students are bound to benefit immensely from the new efforts being put in place by IC3 to assist students to determine where they want to learn, and the professional development opportunities that they plan to pursue.

A number of distinguished speakers did grace the conference, including Head of IIE India, Mr. Vivek Mansukhani among many other prominent personalities.

During the conference, leading experts offered insightful keynote addresses, as well as a chance for individuals in the education sector to network with another.

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