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The Full Story & All the Recent Updates About Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance

Madeleine McCann’s case is the most heavily covered missing-child case in modern history. In 2007, Kate and Gerald McCann went on holiday in Portugal with their three kids and seven friends. They were all in need of a break from their busy routine. They booked a room at the Luz Ocean Club hotel in Portugal. They were really enjoying themselves, having their fun in the sun. Everything was just dandy until the evening of 5.3.07. Something happened, something that turned their life upside down. Madeleine, their daughter, who was only three years old back then, went missing. Here’s the full story behind the tragic event, including all the outrageous details and all the recent and dramatic updates, as they happen:

A German Triple Child Murderer Is Now the Leading Suspect

It was claimed by the British media that German triple child murderer Martin Ney was thought to be one of two new suspects on the case. But the Portuguese police denied that he was under investigation. The murderer, nicknamed “the masked man” visited Portugal a lot during the 90s’. The British press pointed him out as a suspect, but Ney, who’s serving time in prison, denied any connection to the case. A Portuguese tabloid reported that a new suspect known to the Portuguese police was investigated with relation to Maddie’s case.

Did An International Gang Take Maddie With Help From the Local Police?

A U.S based think tank suggested that an international gang working in Portugal abducted Madeleine with the help of the local police. The harsh allegations were made by John Whitehead, head of the American Rutherford Institute who believed she was taken in a similar method as other children. This comes after the cops started investigating an individual who had a criminal record and was in the area around May 2007, the time when Maddie was taken. She disappeared 12 years ago, while she was in bed and sleeping in a room with her younger twin siblings.

A Former Employee of the Resort Recognized Two Suspects

A woman who used to work at the Praia Da Luz resort saw the Netflix documentary about Maddie’s disappearance and recognized a man there, a man who was now a suspect in the case. She was certain that she saw him together with another suspect, convicted German child murderer Martin Ney. With the woman’s evidence police now believe that the new man was working with Ney as a part of a human trafficking ring. The woman’s name is kept under wraps so that she won’t be in danger throughout the investigation.

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