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Stars That Have Aged Flawlessly & Proved That Beauty Has No Age


Barbi Benton, 70

Barbi Benton began modeling at 16, and while attending UCLA also signed up for Playboy After Dark, an entertainment show, as an extra. However, Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy, fell for her, and, of course, her status on the show was quickly revamped and she became a co-host. Benton is also known for her work on the comedy series, Hee Haw. After giving birth to two beautiful children, Benton became semi-retired towards the end of the ’80s to focus on their upbringing. A model leaving her career behind for the sake of her children; what a cute story!

Lisa Bonet – 52

Lisa Bonet is another famous name from the 1980s and she is most remembered for the roles she had in The Cosby Show and A Different World. Lenny Kravitz was her first husband who fathered her daughter – actress Zoe Kravitz with. You can definitely see from where Zoe inherited her beauty because her mom doesn’t even look a day over 50. This is despite reports that Bonet allegedly had some plastic surgery procedures to keep her face intact at her age. In 2017, Bonet tied the knot with Justice League actor Jason Momoa after dating him since 2005.

Kate Jackson – 69

Although she is exhibiting thinning hair (very normal at 70 years of age by the way), Kate Jackson has a taut-enough skin to pass for someone in her 40s. That is remarkable for someone who began her career in the year 1970 with a role on the TV show Dark Shadows. She later went on to become one of the Charlie’s Angels, which, as you must already know, was a TV show about a group of very attractive yet dangerous women. Now, she is working on a memoir which had an original release date of 2011 but then was pushed to 2015 and now has a new date of 30th December 2020. Here’s to hoping she reveals her beauty secrets in the memoirs!

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