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The Real Reasons Behind These Celebrities Weight Loss Transformations – Some Had Health Issues But Some Only Wanted Sweet Revenge

Always being in the public spotlight can sometimes be a stressful task for actors and singers. As stars, not only do they have to be immensely talented but they also have to look great. This is why any weight fluctuation our favorite celebs suffer tends to make headlines.

Sometimes, these famous people say enough is enough and decide to lose weight. But is it always about looking good or are there other reasons behind this decision? Keep reading to find out more about these stars’ dramatic transformations and the motivation behind them. Let’s get started!

Gordon Ramsay | Lost 50 LBS Because of His Wife

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous chefs out there. He had led numerous TV shows with nerve-wracking cooking competitions. Ramsay is known for having a quick temper but also a great talent for preparing amazing meals. However, due to the stress and availability of unhealthy food, he gained a lot of weight and his wife Tana was not impressed.

According to Ramsay, she urged him to get in shape. Tana is a fan of fitness herself so Ramsay being overweight was a big no-no. Ramsay decided to start exercising and eating better and has been doing so ever since. His newest project is titled, Step Up To The Plate.

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