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Some Of These Celebrities Shouldn’t Be This Rich: Find Out How They Do It!

Celebrities. Sports stars. World-changing tech fundies. In a nutshell, people who make a lot of money. While some make their living for services rendered, whether that be performing on stage, on film, the field, or in court, others have made a killing through ingenious creations like self-driving cars or shopping from home.

But one thing they have in common is that, no matter what the difference is between their wealth, they’re all pretty much set up for life. Here, we look at some of these high-profile individuals with impressive net worths bordering the unbelievable.

Parker Schnabel: TV Personality – $8 Million

Parker Schnabel gained fame as a cast member of the reality show Gold Rush, which centers around a group of placer miners in Alaska. Parker’s grandfather John was the initial family member on the show with Parker making guest appearances. But by the second season, his grandfather handed his Big Nugget Mine over to him.

Parker, still a teenager at the time, inherited the mine. He is now 26 and has managed older miners, mining at least $13 million in gold. He has also starred in spinoff’s of the show like Gold Rush: Parkers Trail, which he also produced. His personal fortune currently sits at $8 million.

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