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Loveliest Celebrity Couples In Hollywood – They Are Still Going Strong Through Thick & Thin

Most celebrities are blessed with the ability to practically choose who they want to date. Whether it’s other celebrities or simply off-the-radar civilians who are away from the Hollywood scene, they are spoiled for choice. We’re going to delve into the relationships of celebrities and take a look at how things are today.

Did they stay together? Did they succumb to the pressures of the industry and end up filing for divorce? Do their partners have the financial strength they have? Read on to discover some somewhat surprising celebrity relationships (we certainly wouldn’t put some of these together!) and then enjoy gossiping with your friends about it.

Tom Selleck & Jillie Mack | 32 Years

Tom Selleck is well remembered for the years he spent playing the lead in Magnum, P.I. back in the ’80s. He and his wife  Jillie Mack have been married since 1987 and they have a daughter together named Hannah. His wife also made some money from acting but she never became as big as him.

Selleck is still far from retiring and you can expect to see more of him in the coming years.  He has been starring in the show called Blue Bloods since 2010. His IMDb page also says that he is set to star in a new Jesse Stone project.

Tim Allen & Jane Hajduk | 18 Years

Tim Allen came under the spotlight after his 8-year run on Home Improvement. These days he mostly makes his money from voice roles with features on animations like Toy Story 4 and Ralph Breaks The Internet. In 2006, he married actress Jane Hajduk, who is his second wife. The couple had a five-year courtship before they decided to walk down the altar, and are now pushing into 18 years of a happy marriage. They welcomed a daughter together called Elizabeth in 2009, but Allen also has a daughter from his previous marriage to Laura Diebel.

Adam Sandler & Jackie Sandler | 16 Years

Adam Sandler is a funny actor who has been starring in numerous films since the ’90s. He is blessed with an amazing career but it seems like he is also lucky when it comes to love. He has been married to his wife Jackie since 2003.

Some of you might not have known this but she actually converted to Judaism for him. Together, they are parents to two beautiful girls. Sandler’s acting career earns him more than enough funds to give his family a comfortable life. He just starred in Murder Mystery in 2019 and he now has an upcoming film called Hubie Halloween.

Troy Aikman & Catherine Mooty | 2 Years

Troy Aikman used to be a name to beat in the NFL scene. He was part of the Dallas Cowboys for eleven years and has won the Super Bowl thrice with them. Since 2017, he has been married to Catherine Mooty who is a luxury fashion retailer.

They haven’t had kids together yet, but they do have kids from their previous marriages. Aikman has been retired from playing for more than a decade already. He is now often seen on TV these days because he is an announcer and color commentator for NFL Thursday Night Football and NFL on FOX.

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