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Heartwarming Last Photos of Celebrities In Their Final Moments Before They Passed Away

The one fact about life that we can’t change is its inevitable end. Death is one of those topics that we would rather sweep under the rug, but we can never completely ignore it. We lose too many people every day, and not even our favorite stars can escape this reality. 

Over the years, we’ve said goodbye to a long list of celebrities due to illnesses, accidents, and as a peaceful conclusion to the natural process of aging. It doesn’t erase these A-listers from our memories, and through their last photos, we would like to revisit the final moments leading up to their demise.


George Michael, 53, 1963 – 2016

George Michael was a famous singer and songwriter whose career began in 1981. His contribution to pop music is barely equaled by the biggest stars of the music industry. George was also very private off the stage. Before his death in 2016, he was filming a biographical documentary, which was out after he had passed.

George died on Christmas Eve, December 25, 2016. That documentary revealed how that holiday season was already sad for the pop star, as it was tied to two heartbreaking moments in his life. One was the fear of losing his mother, who was ill at the time. The other moment was when he was waiting to hear his partner’s Anselmo Feleppa’s AIDS test results.

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