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Hollywood’s Stars Who Live in Houses More Incredible Than Any A-List Celebrity

Some of these legendary artists might have fallen a bit under the radar or they might be starring in the next blockbuster movie! What we know for sure is that even if their debuts and career heydays took place decades ago, they are still alive and kicking. And with more than enough money earned throughout their successful careers, their retirement planning probably went smoothly. And judging by some of the houses these stars have, it would certainly appear so! Let’s take a look at the places where these never-forgotten stars are comfortably enjoying their golden years.

Maggie Smith – $6 Million, West Byfleet

Downton Abbey fans could probably recognize the mansion that served as the backdrop of several of the series’ episodes – the Byfleet Manor in Surrey. Built-in 1686, the 17th-century house went on the market in May 2015, and it served as the address of Lady Violet – a character portrayed by English actress Maggie Smith. It sold for approximately $6 million alongside four other lots found within the grounds. The 6,000-square-foot mansion sitting on 18 acres of land underwent some restoration work which included the addition of two asymmetrical wings.

Brigitte Bardot – $5.6 Million, South of France

Brigitte Bardot, who was one of the symbols of the ‘60s, is known for her impressive beauty as well as for her activism. Considering her successful career as an actress, it’s no wonder she could afford this incredible house located in the South of France. Although she invested a lot of time in the remodeling of this home, which has a guest house and an infinity swimming pool, she decided to put it for sale. Listed at $5.6 million, the house’s sale certainly meant nice earnings for the Viva Maria! actress who has dedicated herself entirely to her activism focused on rescuing animals in the last decades.

Julie Andrews – $33 Million, London

The Sound of Music star Julie Andrews has earned multiple awards and nominations for her work in films, TV, and theatre, showing her immense versatility when it’s time to perform. And a talent this size certainly goes with a lot of affluence, allowing her to afford a property as grand as her former London home which has been listed for $33 million. The house is no stranger to celebrities, with famous former occupants such as rock star Mick Jagger and even former Prime Ministers such as Margaret Thatcher. Meanwhile, it was reported in January 2019 that a third Princess’ Diaries movie is in the works. We hope Andrews will be in it!

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