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Hollywood’s Golden Era Stars Who Live in Houses More Luxurious Than Any A-List Celebrity


Tiger Woods – $60 Million, Florida

It’s natural for most guys to buy themselves something fancy but Tiger Woods took it to the next level when he decided to purchase this incredibly expensive Jupiter Island mansion after a highly media-centered divorce settlement. This property, located originally in Florida, also came with glamorous add-ons such as a running track, four-hole gold course, and a professional indoor gym. While the price tag might make your eyes pop out, when you look at how eccentric but lavish the place is, it’s easy to understand why the pro-golfer dishes out so many bucks for it!

Wesley Snipes – $4.125 Million, New Jersey

Despite his tax evasion legal issues, we’re glad to see Wesley Snipes currently back on his feet and acting again. Just within 2020 he played in Paper Empire and Coming 2 America! Right now he’s worth merely $10 million and this right here is the place he used to call home. He and his wife, Nakyung Park, sold this white mansion in Alpine, New Jersey, back in 2014 for just $4.125 million. The property is surrounded by acres of greenery while boasting enough room to house their family of six. It boasts several different floors, and a driveway leading to the front door.Dolly Parton – $1.2 Million, Nashville

The property that celebrity singer Dolly Parton once called home with her spouse, Carl Dean, was again listed for sale in 2017. The price for the 4,795-square-foot stucco structure with four bedrooms and three bathrooms was $1.2 million. Its total acreage is 2.4 while its location is in Nashville, in the area of Glenville. It was constructed in 1941, and from ’80 to ’96, the couple lived there. Included among the amenities of the mansion are walk-in closets, a homey kitchen, covered patios, an outbuilding, and a garage for four vehicles. Parton was inducted into the Happiness Hall of Fame in 2016. 

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