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Hollywood’s Golden Era Stars Who Live in Houses More Incredible Than Any A-List Celebrity

Some of these legendary artists might have fallen a bit under the radar or they might be starring in the next blockbuster movie! What we know for sure is that even if their debuts and career heydays took place decades ago, they are still alive and kicking. And with more than enough money earned throughout their successful careers, their retirement planning probably went smoothly. And judging by some of the houses these stars have, it would certainly appear so! Let’s take a look at the places where these never-forgotten stars are comfortably enjoying their golden years.

Tucker Carlson – $3.8 Million, Kent

Journalist Tucker Carlson traded his $2.04 million home for a $3.8 million one. The former host of CNN’s Crossfire and MSNBC’s Tucker, Carlson is also the co-founder and editor of the online news site, the Daily Caller. He traded a seven-bedroom, six-bath Colonial home with a five-bedroom and six-and-a-half-bathroom one. The new house is in the same neighborhood, Kent.

The $2 million house had a two-car garage and an au pair suite, whereas the new one comes with an outdoor pool and a gourmet kitchen. There are multiple fireplaces and a home gym. Recently, Tucker claimed on his show that Michelle Obama could destroy the American democracy by supporting vote by mail.

Phil Collins – $33 Million,  Miami Beach

With a net worth of $260 million, it’s not surprising that Phil Collins can afford to live in a $33-million mansion that was once owned by pop star Jennifer Lopez. The entire 12,153 square-foot home, built back in 1929, is located on a 1.2-acre lot in Miami ‘s Biscayne Bay. It has seven bedrooms plus eight full and three and a half bathrooms. It also features a stunning two-story foyer, a media room, a koi pond, a 200-feet beachfront, and of course, a swimming pool. Collins released two albums titled Other Sides and Remixed Sides last May 2019.

Rick Harrison – $3.99 Million, Las Vegas

In 2019, Rick Harrison decided to let go of his expensively renovated house in Las Vegas to move into his 1.5-acre ranch in Oregon. He wound up putting his villa on the market, asking for $3.99 million. The house was built in 2001, and after all the renovations that Rick did, it’s now worth every penny of his asking price. It has an interior of 8,845 square feet and lots of vintage doors and windows that are up to 200 years old! The house comes with a 1,000-bottle wine cellar, a swimming pool, and a 12-seat home cinema. Rick’s been participating in the Pawn Stars series since 2009.


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