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Golden Age Celebrities You Thought Are Long Gone But They Are Still As Alive & Kicking As In Their Golden Years

In both the film and music industries, it’s never easy knowing where all our favorite stars are at all times. Old films or evergreen songs often give a familiar ring to us but big stars of the times past still might need a picture attached to their name for us to remember. With that in mind, we love talking about celebs’ whereabouts but there are always some we miss out on.

And with old age, they are often thought to be dead, whereas, in reality, they’re just enjoying their retirement, which – more often than not – doesn’t include red carpet appearances. Hollywood is easy to remember but quick to forget so we now decided to pull a list of our favorite senior celebs who still enjoy life at its best, even though we forgot they’re even alive. You just might be surprised…

Joanne Woodward – 89, $50 Million

Joanne Woodward has been known for roles such as the one on The Three Faces of Eve, which earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. Joanne, whose career lasted for about six decades, decided to put her marriage and family first after her wedding to Paul Newman. She declared that it didn’t feel right going to filming locations all over the world and leaving the kids behind, which Newman was freer to do. However, this didn’t stop her from winning three Primetime Emmys and continuing to act in certain projects. Since Newman’s death, she has been living in Connecticut.


Olivia de Havilland – 103, $20 Million

Olivia de Havilland is a British-born American actress and one of the most notable names in the film industry. She began her career during the 1930s and showed remarkable performances in many movies such as The Snake PitGone with the Wind, and To Each His Own. With her role in The Woman He Loved as her final performance, the famous actress decided it was time to retire.

Havilland was awarded multiple times, including two Academy Awards. Born in 1916, de Havilland leads a very quiet life away from the spotlight with her current address in Paris, France. In all likelihood, she has already worked with financial experts to help her take care of her $20-million fortune and its heirs.

Sophia Loren – 85, $75 Million

Legendary actress and model Sophia Loren was considered one of the biggest female role models of her time. She started off as a model, appearing at a beauty pageant just at the age of 15. She then started acting in 1950, until her lucrative contract with Paramount Pictures in 1956 skyrocketed her career and net worth (imagine if social media had existed then, she’d have many more fans and earnings!).

She currently owns a $75-million fortune, and her roles in The Pride and The Passion and It Started in Naples are unforgettable. The Italian-born beauty is now 85 but she makes red carpet appearances every now and then, proving that her charisma and allure are timeless.

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