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Golden Age Celebrities You Thought Are Long Gone But They Are Still As Alive & Kicking As In Their Golden Years

In both the film and music industries, it’s never easy knowing where all our favorite stars are at all times. Old films or evergreen songs often give a familiar ring to us but big stars of the times past still might need a picture attached to their name for us to remember. With that in mind, we love talking about celebs’ whereabouts but there are always some we miss out on.

And with old age, they are often thought to be dead, whereas, in reality, they’re just enjoying their retirement, which – more often than not – doesn’t include red carpet appearances. Hollywood is easy to remember but quick to forget so we now decided to pull a list of our favorite senior celebs who still enjoy life at its best, even though we forgot they’re even alive. You just might be surprised…


Ed Asner – 89, $10 Million

Ed Asner is an American actor best known for his role in The Mary Tyler Moore as Lou Grant. His remarkable performance on the show led the popular actor to get his own TV show, Lou Grant. With a $10-million net worth, the actor is very active politically and was one of the actors to sign the statement that called for a new investigation regarding the 9/11 attack in New York. Being a grandfather of a child with autism, Asner is also included in many organizations and foundations that help people suffering from this disease. The famous actor is still active on television and hasn’t fulfilled yet his retirement planning.


Loretta Lynn – 87, $65 Million

Everyone knows the hits Don’t Come Home A’ Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ On Your Mind) or Coal Miner’s Daughter that made Loretta Lynn famous. The country music singer, Loretta, boasts a career spanning more than 60 years and multiple gold albums.

An award-winning singer, the 87-year-old Lynn is not ready for retirement yet but she had some serious health scares recently. She was about to release her new album when she had a stroke in 2017. In January 2018, she fell and broke her hip. Her album Wouldn’t It Be Great was finally released in September 2018.

Betty Lynn – 93, $3 Million

She started out in 1948 with her first credited role in a movie and the ninety-three-year-old actress continued to be visible on screen until around 1986. After nearly four decades in front of the camera, the star decided to take a back seat and enjoy the rewards of her success (we don’t blame her). We imagine her retirement planning was perfected before the official date of her leaving the entertainment industry in 2006.

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